Pictures That Will Stick In Your Memory For A While

The world is a beautiful place where fascinating, spectacular, and incredible things happen every second. Add to this the sheer inexhaustible variety of natural creations that nature brings to light. When we look at these creations, we realize how little we know about the world. And yet, these phenomena are real. It does not matter if it's about innovative technologies, created by human hands, or natural selection. Unfortunately, in the fast-paced time, when we rush back and forth every day between work, school, or leisure, we hardly take a moment to admire these peculiarities. Or even worse: we do not even notice them anymore.


A Moth

A not-so-common moth found by the person who took this picture a morning in his own porch. It looks extremely fluffy. This natural creation could also be a particularly friendly rainbow devil.


A Baby

This baby quail has already broken through the hard shell of its egg a few hours before her siblings. Thanks to the typical color of its species, even after hatching it can barely make out the speckled eggs.

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