Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World

Life always manages to impress us. There are big things like the birth of a child, massive waterfalls, rainbows or incredible animal stories. But there are also small things that deserve our attention. Our everyday life hides many wonders and surprises that we do not perceive. It is often worthwhile to take a closer look and be a little more attentive to perceive these exciting phenomena of our world.


Naked Walls

Innumerable houses are overgrown with ivy and other plants. But did you know how this "green wall" looks from the inside? it almost reminds you of enchanted forests and magical vines, doesn't it?



Selectric typewriters were very popular about forty years ago - long before anyone had a computer at home. But how does such a machine actually work? The ball was called typeball or golfball, and these devices were developed by IBM.

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