Most Epic Food Fails On The Internet

It probably happened to you, at least once in your life: you are starving so badly you think you are going to faint and you put all your expectations on your next meal. But when that dreamy time to finally eat arrives, there is nothing even similar to what you had imagined before.

Tiny portions, huge seeds in avocados, no filling in that last cookie you were saving: we all know how much heartbreak it comes with food disappointment. We can get over exes that we dated for decades, but not over food. And these people really had the worst possible luck in the kitchen.



Growing vegetables at home may be a great experience: you get your hands dirty, grow what you will be eating away from chemicals: except when you come across a disappointing harvest like this one.



Talking about disappointing harvest: the ridiculous size of this strawberry and lemon are annoying if you were trying to have something you could eat, but they are kind of cute to look at.

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