Meet The Unluckiest People Alive

It may be a good feeling to know that you are not the only unlucky person in the World. But sometimes that misfortune is no more than a lack of attention. Did you go to work without noticing that you had different shoes on? Did your clothes let you down at the crucial moment and your pants tore apart? Or did you once again leaned against the wall which was freshly painted and now the color left an impression on your shirt? If you feel the same, then don't worry and look at this picture. You are not alone in the world.


Crocodile Snack

As if it is not annoying enough to lose that smartphone, it is certainly even worse to see how it is just destroyed by the crocodile and eaten with relish. I wonder if Android or iOS tastes different.


16 Candles

A birthday cake for the 16th Birthday is certainly a great gift. But one would like to enjoy it more from the plate than to look at it all destroyed on the floor. Maybe this is a good sign, a good omen for this new year.

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