Meet The Luckiest People In The World

Sometimes we have exceptionally good days. And when that happens, we just wait for the lighting to strike, because nothing can be so perfect. That never happens, because lightings hit when you least expect it. We gathered a few cases of people that thought they were having a typical day till something miraculous happen. Maybe they were close to death and saved their lives, or perhaps they became wealthy from one second to another, but all these people share one characteristic: They are the luckiest people alive.


Ben's Wheelchair

Ben Carpenter's electric wheelchair got caught in a truck's grille when it hit him. As the driver noticed nothing, he drove several kilometers at about 80 km/h until two policemen stopped him. Ben Carpenter remained without scratches.


Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan survived a terrible car crash that killed him for fourteen minutes, till the paramedics could save him. He spent a few days in a Coma, and when he woke up he bought a lottery ticket that made him win a car. When he was asked to reenact the situation, he scratched a lottery ticket again and won over 200,000 dollars.

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