Grow Your Own Vegetables And Save On Money And Health

Having a garden brings some advantages, there you can always have fresh fruits and vegetables. Without any vitamin loss due to storage or transport, you can eat or process them immediately. In addition, a garden is a small oasis of peace in which you can not only relax, but also do something for your health. Studies have shown that gardening reduces heart attack risk and cortisol levels, boosts the immune system and reduces stress.



Ginger is a true all-round talent and has many positive effects on our health. In addition, it can easily be grow at home. Put some of the ginger root in a pot and soon the first sprouts will grow.



Especially in hot summer days, our mind is on light dishes. How about a fresh, home-grown lettuce salad? Place the lower part of the lettuce in a jar with some water, ideally near the window. Within a short time the first leaves grow.

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