Grocery Shopping Lifehacks

We all do grocery shopping, either we think it's fun or absolutely hate it. Unfortunately, technology has come a very long way but there is no possible way for you to have a fully stacked fridge unless you go to the store or can hire someone to do it for you. Sometimes it's fun to look around and choose carefully each product and other times we wish we could just get over it as soon as possible when long lines, unrequired assistance and unexplainable promo codes appear. These 50 things actually exist in different spots in the world and we wish we could all have it handy to make that experience much more comfortable.





Some people find it irritating to have the store stuff approach them and assist them: depending on the color you choose, they will know if you need help or not.



Trying to do mental math while trying to remember what you ran out of at home can be hard, so these built-in calculators in the cart seem like a fantastic idea.

Dog Bed


This is a great idea for everybody who has a pet: this mattress store gives you a mini one for your pets with your purchase so they can enjoy the same comfort as you do.



This idea is super simple but it brings a solution to a problem we all had at least once: when is your banana ready to be eaten? They tell you depending on how ripe it is.



This store offers food kits with a discount price to anyone who wants to help homeless people and bring them something to eat: I think it's a fantastic and generous idea.



This may sound like a bit much but sometimes supermarkets are so big that you can get lost easily while you are trying to find your products: these carts come with a GPS so you can find what you need.

Love this


If the trolley in your cart is not following the required direction, you can get very frustrated and actually waste time inside the market: these tags are made to be attached to them and solve the problem.



This is a simple idea that can really help you shop: you can divide your clothes into different options like maybe, yes or no to decide what you will be taking home with you.

Free fruit


This is a great idea and I'm sure that all parents who shop with their kids will be happy to have it around: this store offers free fruit for kids to have as a snack while they shop.



The future is here, my friends: this is a winter simulator that lowers the temperature so you can test your winter clothes before buying them and make sure they will be warm enough.



Ikea has a special promotion on their umbrellas that can come quite handy if you forgot yours at home on a rainy day by giving you a discount depending on the weather.



If you are one of those people who worry about their food being really fresh, you will love this: you can actually pick your mushrooms and pay for your choice later.



This store has different rolls of toilet paper in its bathroom so you can test the quality on each one before you shop. Isn't this brilliant? Who could have thought you could test toilet paper?

Story Machine


If you are bored in the airport, have very little battery on your phone and forgot to bring a book with you to kill time with, this machine offers short stories for you to read.

Dog cart


There are more and more pet-friendly places every day and grocery shopping could be much more fun if you could take your dog with you: these carts have a special place for him.



This library has a section of books that you won't be able to see until you buy them an open them: it's ideal for them as they can sell overstock and great for you to get surprised with your reading.

Great for parents


If you are shopping with your kids and you are afraid of how many things that are next to the register they will ask you to buy, this store has a special cashier for that.

Farmer’s vending


Can you imagine being able to buy your farm products as fresh as you do in the store but with better closing times and inside the same store you buy everything else? That's great.



Finding products in different aisles can be complicated especially if you do your grocery shopping in a big store: this one has a tag with guidance for each product and aisle.



This store actually set a full bar in the middle of it so people who were dragged to go there can hang out and have a drink while they wait. Not bad at all.

Willy Wonka


Nothing goes together as well as candy and Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, so this candy shop decided to add a TV where they play the movie all the time. Delicious and fun.



How many times did you get carried away and added many things to your cart that you, later on, realize that you don't really need? This is perfect for impulse control.

Ugly products


Beauty is on the inside but let's face it: nobody wants to choose the ugly apple from the bunch, so this store gives you discounted prices on the not so attractive veggies and fruits. The ugly truth. 6 billion pounds of mesh produce goes umused each year

Magnifying glass


Senior citizens or anyone who is challenged with their eyes can appreciate this idea: each cart has a magnifying glass to help you read tags and prices. Simple and significant.



This liquor store offers different ingredients and beverages inside plastic bags so you can make your cocktails at home with no effort. And also the names on them are really amazing.



If you love fresh fruits and vegetables you are going to love this thing: this store actually grows vegetables on the roof and broadcasts it inside so you can watch them grow.



These plastic bags come with different messages so you know what you have to put where in the fridge and what needs to be stored immediately. It really is a brilliant idea.



This store found a brilliant idea for those who need to go up to the next level: escalators not only for people but special ones for your shopping cart. This is a real problem solver.



This is a great idea that would be really helpful when you are trying to but clothes: different lights so you can know how the outfit will look at you in every moment of the day.



Waiting in line can be annoying but this store came up with a simple and fun idea: while you wait you can learn how to do the waltz. It's silly but better than just standing there.



This store has a bee hive inside the store for a very kind reason and it's a great thing to show kids while you are shopping and teach them a little something about animals.


Have you ever tried to buy a purse imagining if what you usually carry around will fit inside? This place offers 3D printed accessories so instead of imagining it, you can try it with real stuff.

Check out


This store has different lights in each check out that change according to how many people are waiting in line at that moment, so you know which one will move faster.



I don't understand why not all stores have something like this: you can mix your veggies however you want and then get charged for the whole bag. I love this, I need this.



Instead of wasting tons of paper for no reason, this store actually prints the check on both sides: it may not seem like much but imagine how much paper they save in a year.

Instead of wasting tons of paper for no reason, this store actually prints the check on both sides: it may not seem like much but imagine how much paper they save in a year.


This is brilliant: they have a little space next to the door so you can put your coffee so whenever you have to open the door you can use your hands with freedom and no messes.

Yes or no?


This extraordinary campaign allows you to try new upcoming products and grade them so they can know whether customers like them or not. And you get a free sample also.



We really hope that this fresh fruit initiative for kids eventually ends up in every store: it helps everyone and it provides a healthy message while offering a sweet natural treat.

Decisions, decisions


If you are one of those people who can't make up their mind and know which type of beer they want, this store offers a great solution: mystery bags with different types of beer.

Peanut butter


Another great idea that all of the fresh food lovers are going to get crazy about: these machines allow you to make your own fresh peanut butter at the moment and they are organic.

Sex shop

If you buy at a sex shop you know that there is nothing wrong with it but you don't want anyone to see it, so this store actually changes their name to a bookstore in the credit card statement.



Shopping can be boring but we all know that there is no activity that can't be fun with beer: they sell it by the pint and give you carts with cup holders so you enjoy a drink while you shop.



What a fun idea this is: they offer you a box filled with bears and a calendar on top so you can enjoy one a day. Well, maybe some will need to buy many months in advance.

Vending Machine


We have seen some extraordinary vending machines but this one is surprising: it has meat inside and it allows you to buy pre-packed meat knowing that comes from your regular vendor.



If meat is not your thing, maybe bread is: this store in Germany has a bread machine dispenser so you can get your fresh loaves before checking out at the register.


This Canadian store offers different discounts depending on how low the temperature is outside: if you were brave enough to leave your home on a freezing day, you will be rewarded.



This looks like something out of a Black Mirror episode but it's real and it's very handy: these carts have smart technology that can help you locate any product you need to find in the store.



This bookstore has a corner for reading a lot of them do but it has one special and unique detail: it's completely made out of books that make it look like a children's fort.

Gun Store


We all have our points of view when it comes to gun shopping, but we can't help to love this sign with warnings that don't go around the bush with customers. Absolutely brilliant.