Funny Ideas

The Internet is full of people always trying to convince everyone that they have master plans and the best ideas. Is true that many of them, are just crazy people that love to talk and get some attention, but among them there's a whole different kind of people with the best ideas. Here is a list of some of the great ideas that are not only funny but could also make the world a better place to live in. Maybe, with a little patience, we could fight for them and make them come true in a few years. It totally worth it!



Be polite


Taking advantage of the great system some phones have, like the iPhones with Siri, there's a great suggestion to improve our politeness. These systems should work only if we say "thanks" and "please".

I’m not totally sure about this one

kruger park

This might generate controversy, but like the world is full of people that love hunting and you can't make them quit, what if this activity was only approved if you hunt all the animals with your bare hands?

This makes sense

the fiscal times

Is commonly known that politicians have way too high wages, so what if we suggest a law that establishes that every time they got a rise, the minimum wage is raised in the same percentage too?

It is not the only painting to see!


Yearly, many tourists go to the Louvre Museum just to see the painting of the Mona Lisa. So why don't people of the museum change the location of the painting daily so people have to look around the whole building and actually see other paintings?

This is twisted

que pasa salta

I think this idea is a little aggressive but what if Stevie Wonder is selected as one of the judges from The Voice? This would mean that every time a contestant participates is making a blind audition.

A self-driving car improved


There is nothing new if you talk about the amazing self-driving car from Google. But what if it has an actual "I'm feeling lucky" button that could drive you to a different location every time?

What if you lived like this?


TV is filled with reality shows that suck but what if we create a new kind of reality show. It would be a show where millionaires have to leave with the minimum wage for a whole month.

This one is childish


You could get a green suit that covers your whole body and annoy the weatherman in front of a chroma screen. People in their houses won't understand what is going on!

The revenge of the kids


The world is filled with people that have pretty amusing names because their parents were too stupid to think a regular name. So what if we create a law that allows those kids to change their parents' names when they turn 18?

A unified system of measure


Google needs to change all the measuring systems and unify them in a unique kind. This way, the whole world with use the same regulation in less than a year.

A way to convince lazy people


A gym that offers memberships with a particular condition: the more you go on exercise, the less you pay for the monthly membership. However, I think the gyms should pay their members to use their facilities.

That would be funny!


A microwave that every time you use it goes online and searches for a YouTube video that lasts the same time that your meal. You would think twice every time you want to make a short heat up.

I’ll pay to watch this

the spruce

Pet stores should have empty cages with a big label that says "Chameleon". It would be really funny to watch all the people standing around for a while, trying to spot the reptile.

Stop police abuse

nbc news

As part of their training, police officers should go undercover as prisoners of another district for a month to live like the ones they will catch later. With this training, their colleagues wouldn't recognize them and they all would learn to be more human.

A Google alert!

vox cdn

Every time you go on a Google search, the website should show how many times people searched that before. In fact, it should have an alarm system when you search something that no one has before.

Another idea for reality shows


TV should invent a reality show entitled something like "I need help" in which contestants are smart people with an unclear goal for their lives. The goal of the show should be to give them the perfect job.

Tougher for the Oscars


The movie industry should produce 10 movies out of the same script, using different casts and directors. Then release all the movies on the same day and find out which is the better one.

Longest year ever!

Today I found out

What if we abolish Leap Day and add all those missing February days altogether to same year every 1000 years? That way we wouldn't need to worry about how many days this year has.

That would cause mayhem


A law that removes the drinking age an instead proposes a system in which in order to drink, you must have a degree from college. That would also up rate the number of graduates all over the world.

Oh, please shut up!

tras la camara

I can't believe that someone actually proposed this: a remake of the movie 127 hours in which Dwayne Johnson is the actor who plays the rock. What would James Franco think?

Screw this


Funny words game: A movie where Tom Cruise, Terry Crews, and Penelope Cruz stop Ted Cruz from attacking a cruise ship with cruise missiles. I think I'd love to watch this.

An Olympic team

la nacion

Vatican City should have teams for every sport in which the players don't ever train but they always rely on their prayers to win the following game. Dear Lord! Listen to us!

Best book ever


A book called "How to fix any table" that would only have blank pages and you can remove them as needed in order to make your table steady again. It'd work!

I would pay for that show!


A concert in which every one hit wonder band has the possibility to go on stage and play that only song that made them remembered forever. It would be crowded.

The solution for piracy


A band, movie or booked called Torrent, with songs, chapters or whatever called Seed, Leech, Client and whatever. It would be impossible to search them online, so you're welcome for this anti-piracy solution.

Another for the Google car


A Google Car with an incognito mode in which you can drive around the city with tinted windows so no one could ever know who is inside the car. Million dollar idea

Dude, do you ever wash your clothes?


Buy a whole set of t-shirts that have a very similar color that respond to the chromatic spectrum in a loop. The only way to prove you always changed your clothes is by showing pictures of every day.

Two perspectives


A TV show that splits into two TV Shows that portrays the same story from the point of view of the two rivals in it. People would have to choose who is the good guy choosing which show to watch.

A great Guinness World Record

el desmarque

A Guinness World Records' category that reflects the one person who pays the most in order to have that record. It would start a competition between all the narcissistic rich people from the world.

A way to make yourself famous


Make a thousand T-Shirts with your face and donate them to goodwill. Then start counting days till you see the first person in the street wearing your face. Nailed it!

Good for hygiene

benefits bridge

Charge people for every time they want to go to a bathroom and only return the money if the wash their hands. That would end the problems with hygiene all over the world.

One hell of an app


An app that keeps track of all the music you listen during a week and makes a list with the songs you skipped the most so at the end of that week you can erase them from your phones.

Blood for money. Creepy

azure edge

Next time someone is fined for any reason, instead of charging those with money we could make them donate blood. However, this would turn altruistic people into brokers of the law.

Let’s start a new world


Just 1% of the whole world population has almost all the money in the world. So we could give them all and start a new currency living them out of our new system.

Best password ever

pc mag

Next time you can, set your wifi password to 2444666668888888 so that when someone asks for the password you can just tell them it's 12345678. The universe can be really confusing sometimes.

Let’s keep it a secret

game dots

Write a new script for a Batman movie, film it, and then release it without saying who is the actor playing the hero. At first, the audience will be as clueless as the Gotham citizens.

A friends maker


Ask a stranger politely to watch your stuff for a while and then sit next to him watching them too. It would start the best friendship ever, so give this a try!

A way to stop smoking

the gaza post

Every year, The Congress should increase the limit age for smoking by one year. So in like a hundred years, there will be no smoking people living. When can we start this?

Smart bed

way fair

A bed that keeps angling through all the night so when the time to be awake comes, you're almost standing. Next time you want to sleep ten more minutes you'll think it twice.

A Taken trilogy


A third part for Taken in which after finding his daughter and his wife, Liam Neeson stays in a Buddhist monastery trying to find himself! Would he look for him, find him and kill himself?

The Breaking Bad come back

rock and pop

A new set of seasons of Breaking Bad in which the main character stops being a criminal and gradually becomes a school teacher. In the middle, he recovers from his cancer.

Funny election time


Every four years, citizens from all countries in the world should vote for the actor playing the president in the movies and TV shows for that period of time. 100% of voting participation.

Is your last name Mann?

common sense media

Write a law that says that if your last name is Mann, you must name your kids with names like Spider, Bat, and so. Of course, then you have to wish that the law that allows them to change your name, never comes true.

A new series

informatica hoy

A Netflix show called Your Life in which you can watch all the stuff the Government and all the hackers around the world have stolen images from your computers and your cellphones.

Movie pricing million dollars idea

cinema treasures

Movie theatres should price their movies according to the demand. For instance, if a movie is played in a lot of cinemas should be cheaper, if no one goes to see it too, and so.

Fat members only


A gym that can only be attended by really fat people so they won't feel embarrassed by others. Once they reach an estimated low weight, their memberships are canceled automatically.

Best brand ever

fox news

Create a new beer and call it "Responsibly", then your slogan will make you a fortune because everyone will advise you to drink responsibly. When you do this, please send me some money for the idea.

Make politicians do this!

The will nigeria

Politicians are always saying that they have nothing to hide. So we have to force them to publish their Google searching records to prove this is true. They will go crazy!

Mysterious vacations

the funtimes guide

A group of plane tickets that you buy but you don't know where you're going. Every time you go on that plane, the passengers must vote between three possible destinations.

Netflix Cinema

ccpop culture

Netflix should buy one movie theater per city and use it to project its own products. It has to be free for every Netflix user and charge them only for the snacks and sodas.