Days When Everything Just Goes Wrong

Everyone knows them and everyone has had them once before: days when everything just goes wrong. One thinks that everything's ok, and it happens: The newly purchased piece of jewelry has been lost, one has crashed their car or you wake up and have to go to the hospital before breakfast. Those days make us want to drop everything and just lie in bed till the world ends. As in other cases, seeing people that have much more bad luck that yourself can comfort you. So we gathered a few cases of people that have the worst luck ever.


New TV

Picture this: you come home unsuspecting, go into your living room and can not believe the eyes: your newly purchased TV fell from the wall bracket and glass is all over the place.


Car Accident

Even if it sounds crazy and very dangerous, this has already happened. For a moment they did not look at the street, got off it and drove directly into a power pole, which broke down completely and then hung in the air.

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