Crazy Facts That Will Make You Doubt Your Sanity

Our beautiful planet is full of wonders and fantastic things. Even ordinary and everyday things have, on closer inspection, unbelievable qualities that we would not have suspected in our wildest dreams. For example, few would have dreamed that some birds are so smart that they can even distinguish artworks by different artists. Or that traces of the pathogen of the bubonic plague have been detected in some major US cities in public transport. Take a look at these facts that will make you question how much do you really know about our planet.


Coffee Is More Than A Hot Drink

The ever-popular coffee influences our sense of taste by giving us the craving for something sweet to eat with the delicious hot drink. Quite similar is the case with beer. This has been proven that beer makes you hungry for food. We have to watch what we drink. Otherwise, we'll put in unwanted pounds.


The Power Of Yes


Physical pain is uncomfortable for most people. So far, that's nothing new, but did you know that if we experience rejection, the same opioid receptors are activated, as if your counterpart, for example, slaps you? So try to say yes to your fellow human beings, and they will thank you.

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