Courageous People Who Decided To Defy All Established Rules

Although, in general, we are doing better now than ever, we still have the impression that our small freedoms are becoming more and more restricted daily. Society has an accurate picture of how we dress, behave, and what we should do in our free time. That can be annoying in the long run since it can sometimes happen that some people have enough of it and do what they want and not what other people tell them. These people decided to forget all rules and live their lives as they want to live them.

A Cool Grandma

While all other muscled men try to get a little bit fitter, Grandma knows precisely what real workout looks like: crumple ball in one hand, margarita sipping in the other.


An Arrow

It speaks good of the father, who does not freak out when his son has just shot an arrow in his shoulder. He sits quietly in the waiting room until the doctor calls him.



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