Celebrities Caught Cheating

There are many factors that can make someone cheat on their partner: boredom, routine or a lack of will to resist temptation. We often find out about new celebrity couples and place our bets on how long they are going to last, but it's hard to tell who will cheat on who since some celebrities give such a wholesome image and it's not possible for us to imagine them in that sort of situation.

However, these celebrities were caught cheating at some point and even though in some cases it's been years since we found out, we can't seem to forget they did it. Do you remember how shocked you were when you found out? Humans after all: these celebrities were caught cheating on their partners

Jennifer Lopez


Pop singer, actress and Latin diva Jennifer Lopez is Jenny from the block and does the same things an average person does, like cheating: on 2003 she began a relationship with co-star Ben Affleck when she was still married to Chris Judd.

Larry King


Host Larry David always liked younger women and it seems like he also likes to keep it in the family: after having two kids with his over 25 years younger wife, he cheated on her with her even younger sister.

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