Bizarre China

China is one of the most exotic destinations of all. It is a country that is completely different to others, even to those that are really close. It is a whole new world of strange traditions, customs, products and places. We gathered fifty photos that show how strange, incredible and bizarre living in China can be. You won't believe what they can eat, where they can live and what they can do. And the funny thing about it is that they are so used to it that don't even care about eating eggs boiled with piss. Take a look at these fifty images, they will certainly amaze you!



Considering that the chinese tiger can eat more than 40 kilograms of meat in a single seat, I don't think why would I want to be so close to one and even take a picture with my baby.



Crocodile meat is used for medical purposes in China since the sixteenth century at least. They say it taste like chicken and they usually include it in soups. And it is sold in the market.


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