50 Hilarious Pictures Of People Having The Worst Time Ever

If you think you are having a bad day, week or month, think again, because with this photos of people failing you might not feel that bad about your life. Schadenfreude is a German word for those times you feel pleasure when something bad is happening to someone else. So your trivial headache will probably look like nothing next to what these people are going through. From weddings about to be ruined to ridiculous falls, to people who are about to get hit bad or set themselves on fire, these 50 hilarious photos of people having their worst time ever will make you feel so much better. So, get pleasure in the misfortune of others and...you are welcome!

This runner


You definitely won't envy this runner. He might be fitter and healthier than you, but at least you are at home reading this while he is in the hospital recovering from that terrible, painful head bump.

This biker


Instead of envying this biker cause of those awesome pirouettes all of them do with their bikes, feel bad for him because his face fell violently on the hard cold cement. That's gonna hurt.

This bride


This bride will never forget her wedding day, but for all the wrong reasons. Not only did she fall from that cliff she was taking the photo in, but she took the most unflattering photo ever.

This guy


Those bike-friendly countries might be very advanced and progressive and all, but I don't envy what happens when you carry an umbrella, on a flooded street, while its raining.

This Jeopardy contestant


You might think that your life sucks but come on, at least you haven't gone on national television and prove to the entire world that you are ignorant about basically every topic in existence.

The owner of this ticket


If you think you are a loser, take a look at this person. He is almost a millionaire with every damn number on the lottery, he only needs one more. It doesn't get lamer than this.

The owner of this phone


So you drop your phone on a rainy day and is now covered in mud? Big deal! This person dropped their phone in a zoo and a crocodile got it. You know what? Let him have it.

This security guard


You think your favorite band´s concert was kind of short and they didn't sing their best songs? Big deal!! Look at this poor security guard being bullied by these two rappers! Now, that's a bad concert.

This bullfighter


Bullfighters aren´t the most beloved people on earth. They are highly criticized for their treatment of bulls are for using it as an entertainment. The anti-bullfight activists must be schadenfreuding the hell out of this

This couple


Well, they are good looking, they are obviously happy and looking sharp and elegant even when they are on an outdoor picnic. I'm guessing they can take a little dog pee.

The owner of this kitchen


Whatever is going on in your life or how bad you think you have it, just be happy you don't have t o wake up, go to your kitchen to drink some coffee...and find this

This dad


Rule of thumb: If you are a parent of toddlers NEVER fall asleep in front of them. Seriously. Or you gonna end up like this dad who is gonna spend hours trying to rip those bandaids from his arms.

This mom


Being a mom of two toddlers is stressful enough, but imagine being with them at the airport, carrying your own backpack and two rebel toddlers doing tantrums. At least she´s got them on leashes.

These workers


If it's hard to clean one or two from your kitchen floor, imagine the afternoon these workers have ahead of them. Can't even feel schadenfreude about this. Or can I?

This tourist


If you are playing "spot the tourist" and don't know how to win the game, here is a tip: a tourist always underestimates the use of sunscreen in an unknown location and always sports a bright red skin

The owner of this car


This car owner probably found their car like this in the morning when going to work. So they are not only late but also gonna have to wait till it gets hotter so it defrosts.

The paint transporter


Imagine being this person: carrying painting to go embellish your house, and ending up with a horribly painted car instead. I might have a bad stomach ache but this is worse.

This guy covered in cactus


If you think you are bad at handling outdoors life and nature, just look at this guy. He somehow ended up covered in cactus and everyone is looking at him like he is the stupidest dude on the planet

This driver


How did that car ended up there? that poor woman seems to be aware of the nightmare that is gonna be her day when she tries to explain to the people involved what the hell happened

These two


So, the dog did it all that chocolate laxative and is probably gonna have a horrible, long, night. But guess who is gonna have an even worst time cleaning all that mess?

This Ford Fiesta owner


Did you ever hear of Ford Fiesta Flame? Such a cool car. Ford Fiesta Lame, though? Not so much. You might not even own a car, but at least you don't own a ford fiesta lame.



Just imagine how massive your hangover has to be to not even being able to properly open your pizza box, and fall right there without even being able to eat it?

Both of them


Whatever is going on in your life, you aren't having a day as bad as this biker. And you are nowhere near the crappiness levels that deer is facing.

This little girl


This girl probably just woke up and her dad is taking her to school and the first thing she has to see in the morning is his ass. Her "life sucks" face is totally understandable.

This spaghetti lover


Who doesn't love spaghetti? Such an easy to make, delicious dish. The problem is that if you are clumsy, it can be very hard to take the tomato sauce out of the shoes and carpet.

This unaware woman


This girl is having a good time out at dinner with her friends, and she smiles at the camera completely unaware that her hair is on fire. Her friends screaming like crazy probably clued her in eventually.

This soldier


Soldiers are brave, soldiers are reckless, soldiers aren't afraid of much at all. But I'm sure this soldier is having one of his worst days ever, just look at this picture.

This baker


This person might have been hating life enough to put it in a cake, but they were wise enough l to actually bake a delicious cake instead of crawling under the bed and crying.

This baby


Family days at the beach can be a lot of fun...or a total nightmare. See how this baby slips from his mom's hand and is about to hit the sand with his head. Ouch.

The man in the ceiling


This photo proves nothing good can come from doing home improvement on your own. This person clearly was ill prepared to face the contingencies that can arise in this cases.

Whoever left the car window open


What a great idea to leave the car window open in a freezing snowy day, right? Said no one ever. Except for this person.

Whoever parked on the pool


Someone really made a wrong turn on their car and destroyed a fence and landed right on the house pool. This person is gonna have to work extra hours and weekends to pay for all the damages

The bride and groom (and the passed out guy)


The bride and groom are enjoying their fairy tale wedding because they haven´t yet see that guy passed out by the lake. Maybe the guy is dead? Who knows, but that wedding is gonna be ruined.

These roller coaster riders


Getting stuck in a roller coaster is for sure a horrific experience, but at least if you are in a straight position it can be tolerable. If you are like this, though?

The owner of this dog


After seeing this hopeless picture what I'm really wondering is how the hell that locked door managed to completely destroy those pillows

This family


This is what happen when you put a spray on sunscreen. It's hard to know where did you apply lotion if you can't see it. This are the disturbing consequences.

This person doing home improvement


This is what you never do home improvement on your own part II. Who knows if this person ever got down from that roof or is still there waiting?

This guy standing on the corner


Imagine being fine and dandy waiting in a corner to cross the street and getting completely wet by an idiot driver. Not the highlight of your year, probably.

This lady


This lady in red seems to comfortably sit on the red bench enjoying a lovely day. She probably missed the wet paint signs. She is gonna flip when she takes off those pants.

This person trying to cook dinner


That moment when you give all you have and actually try to cook a real dinner and your casserole breaks down and suddenly your whole kitchen is a mess and life makes no sense anymore.

This diver


This kid might be good at swimming, but he definitely sucks at estimating the space he needs to do that jump, and the pavement is gonna let him know, for sure

This woman


This girl looks so nonchalant and cool, is like she doesn't have any idea what is about to hit her. I definitely wouldn't like to have that kind of neighbours.

This unhappy customer


This unsatisfied customer got onion even when he probably was insisting that he really didn't want onion. I know, i ve been there. Instead of complaining he is doing a bit of food writing, though.

This doughnut eater


It might look like a minor inconvenience, but us doughnut lovers know that when we are saving a special chocolate one and it gets ruined like this...it is more like a tragedy

This toast eater


Who doesn't like to enjoy some delicious toast with nutella in the morning? For many people, it may even be the best part of their day. So it really sucks when this happens.

This sphynx cat


Not only humans have bad days: this sphynx cat who is being forced to pet this horse seems to be hating his life right now.

This woman


Tomato sauce can be very hard to clean, that's why you have to be extra careful when cooking it. This woman looks like she gave up cleaning for good. Same, sister.

Texas 26


You definitely don't wanna be this Texas player, who,,got a nasty kick in the nuts that he didn't see coming. He is gonna need a lot of ice for that one.

This sunbather


Imagine being laying on the park on a warm day enjoying the gentle sunlights warming up your skin. Imagine if you feel warm liquid afterwards. And opening your eyes and seeing that!

The owner of this bike


How someone forgot their bike in fresh cement is beyond me. Maybe they were purposely trying to get rid of it. Probably they are just dumb.

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