Unexplainable Black And White Photos

Do you own an old black and white photo? If you do, you will agree that sometimes they are super weird. This collection of the most confusing and unexplainable black and white photos will give you the creeps and scare you to death. We admit that some of them are funny, though. From weird animals to other creepy things, these weird photos will make you want to find out what really happened there. If you are into horror films and thrillers, you should check out this list and start with your conspiracy theories. Here are 50 rare black and white photos that really scared us and gave us nightmares.


We should worry


Why are these two women sitting on a barrel that says "we should worry"? Is this a hidden message? We have no idea but they seem just fine with their fancy hats.

Panda Bear


Isn't this a great idea? Let's put an endangered species to play soccer with the little boy, what can go wrong?

What is going on? 


Ok, but we can't find an explanation for this one. What is that thing, a costume? This person was just riding a bike with some creepy costume that would give you the worst nightmares.

The Boxing Lady


I'm sure she just lost her husband, and she is ready to fight whoever criticizes her dear Rupert.

Strange faces.


This weird picture shows a really big man next to a little girl. We don't know if they were related but they look super awkward and the picture makes no sense at all.



What is happening here? This picture is super creepy and it really gives us the creeps. There is an actual skeleton on a bike posing next to two men and it's ok for them, but not for us.



We can agree that old pictures can be very weird but maybe this is a legit photo of a girl and some penguins who escaped from the zoo. We love penguins so we think this was a very funny experience for her.

More bikes.


We can imagine that this pic was an advertising for a bike company what we can't understand why is it like this. There is a woman hanging from one at the top!

Giant boot.


This one must be another advertising. In this case, it shows a boot that is the size of a kid! We have no idea a man could have a leg this big!

It’s raining pigs.


People were crazy back then. This photoshoot involved a girl, an umbrella, a pig (we think it's fake) and some letters. This makes no sense at all and the picture looks extra creepy.

Monkeys and a dog.


This photo looks very old and, of course, very strange. There are two men dressed as monkeys and a cute dog with an umbrella. Why would you need a picture like this?

A baby lion.


If you have Instagram, you must see pictures of cats almost all the time, but having a baby lion as a pet is so rare. Maybe it was something only rich kids could afford many years ago.

Horns and a bird.


What does this picture mean? Please help us figure out why this boy has horns over his head and is standing next to a bird on top of a chair.

Weird tractor.


This vehicle is very strange and we don't know what it's for but we can't stop looking at it. It looks like a transformer from the last century. Optimus Prime is that you?

Goat slide.


This woman just wanted to take her goats to a playground and take a picture of it. We love goats and want them to have fun, and they look very happy on this slide so everything is fine!

Giant Man.


Maybe this man is the taller man in the world and the guy next to him is the smaller man in the world at that time. We have a lot of that photos on the Guinness Records books so we think that this one is that kind of picture.

What is going on?


That man looks like an astronaut with that helmet, but what is he doing standing next to that woman sitting with her beautiful dress on that chair? We can't explain this.

This race.


This women race inside barrels is insane. Was this a sport? We don't want to know but we are happy that that thing doesn't happen nowadays because it looks very dangerous.

The elephant in the car.


This circus manager was trying to get an elephant inside a car! And the photographer took the perfect shot. If you don't know what it's happening you'll think this man was stealing an elephant or that the elephant was stealing the car.



Look at that giant pickle. How did they make it? Honestly, we are not sure if that's a pickle or not but as we can't see the color we imagine it's that.

Boys don’t cry.


This boy sure doesn't like watermelons. We love when parents take pictures of their crying kids making fun of them. This photo will hunt this poor guy forever and ever.



Here is another example of another weird photo with people of different sizes. This one looks photoshopped but we know photoshop didn't exist back then so it must be real.

We don’t want this.


That poster is very strange. What is that they don't want? We can't see it well but we can say that these two boys agree. They look like boy scouts and they are adorable but the situation is unexplainable.



Is this man combing a dead animal? We can't find an explanation for this and the man looks super happy but the cat is very suspicious. The whole scene is a mystery.

Bass horns.


These musicians just chose the train as their place to play the horn. We can think that they were celebrating a special day and they were followed by the train for a show.

Weird scene.


If someone is taking a picture of you, you look at the camera. In this case, the man is giving his back to the camera so we don't know who he is and why he did this.

Yet another skeleton.


Why were photographers so obsessed with skeletons, cats, and cards on the floor? This skeleton is holding a French horn. What's that even mean? This one will also give us nightmares.

Good bear.


Apparently, people had wild animals such as bears and lions as pets. This bear seems pretty nice and he is just sitting there with that lady who looks very thoughtful.

Strange Look 


I do not know if this picture is strange enough, but something looks off with the eyes of that lady. She looks either scared by something, worried or sad. Well will never know



This is how the streets looked like back then when everything was closed, but being in black and white they look even more weird. I mean, it seems like a horror movie



This is another scene that seems like it came out from a horror movie. And it feels kind of odd, the chair on the floor, the lack of people in it. Who knows what was happening



I believe I have seen this picture before. It comes from some sort a moment in history when there was a storm and every place suffered this type of damage?



Believe it or not, this is how they took mug shots back in that day. They did not even separated the male from the females, and some of they even had the chance to be sitting on a chair

Group Of Friends


I believe this is the strangest photo from the entire article. It belongs to a group of male friends, who are all of them dressed up as some sort of burglars, with his faces covered

Car Accident 


This is the picture from a newspaper from that moment, and it told they story of a car accident, where the owner lost control of the car and crashed into a shop in the middle of the street



​Zebras are awesome, I love them. But...a carriage made of zebras? I do not know. It feels kind of weird, and I do not believe they look so good either. Too many stripes

Young Lady 


​What I love about this picture is that it is vintage and at the same time, you can take a look at all those details almost perfectly. I mean, look at that dress and those accessories, they are beautiful

Hunted House 


This is one of the most famous hunted houses from that moment in history. And let me tell you something: I believe the story. I mean, look at it. It is horrifying.



It seems like this guy, called "rex" was quite fond of using other animals than horses to ride them. I am not so sure if this one is the most suitable for a long ride, but hey, who am I to judge?



I love the fact that this baby is drinking from his bottle of water or milk (which I believe it was made of glass back then) and is so calm because he must love his dog. Amazing photo



The funniest thing about the picture is not the guy skiing per se, but the clothes he is wearing. I mean, I know they used to dressed really fancy at all times, but also when they were doing sports? It feels uncomfortable



This is some sort of bike I believe, but I have no idea what is the use for it, or why this guy even tried to use it. Maybe those giant things are lights or they have another use, I don't know



This feels like an incredible (and bizarre) singer, with his bunch of cute and lovely chorus, all of it made of puppies. They can have my money and my time



That beard is awesome and gross at the same time. I mean, how long you must being trying to make it grow, so it can look like that? It is so long

Hang In There


Did you know that back then it was like, super normal to use animals like elephants for everything? Movies, random pictures, even when you went to a circus. And this is how they carried them

So Scary


This seems like a Halloween costume (did they use to celebrate that back in those days?) where the guy with the trumpet is with his friend, the human bear. Extra creepy



It seems like back in the old days, it was quite normal to take pictures with huge animals. Perhaps the reason was that they were not that afraid of them? But it does not cease to amaze me


I do not know what is going on over here, It seems to be a girl, and maybe she is wearing a custome for a school show or something like that? Her mother hated her, why would you dress up your girl like that?



This is some kind of bizarre way to place your family for a photo. I am not so sure if I understand what is going on, but it seems like the point is to place them from the youngest to the older?



Was this some kind of costume from the old days? It seems to me like this man is dressed up as a soldier? I do not care, it feels strange either way

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