Top Conspiracy Theories Of All Time

We love to laugh at stupid conspiracy theories but some of them actually have interesting points. People believe almost in everything if you convince them: the country Finland not existing (yes, people believe in this theory), the earth being flat and the landing on the moon being staged are a few examples of it. We listed for you the most popular conspiracy theories of all time and you'll have to decide if you trust them or not. Here are some theories about many controversial subjects that will make you say "Who can believe this crap?" or "This may actually be true".



Adolf Hitler Faked Death


Official history places Adolf Hitler death as a suicide, on April 30, 1945, but some people think he faked his death. Theorists say he went to Barcelona Spain, and then eventually ended up in South America.

Mystery Man at Signing of Declaration of Independence


Many people know how the United States got its independence: by signing the declaration on July 4, 1776, in the State House at Philadelphia. The theory says that there was a man that yelled: "God has given America to be free!".

Montauk Project


The Montauk Project was said to be a secret government operation which was considered to be a continuation of the experiments of the Philadelphia Experiment in regards to time travel as well as mind control.

Barack Obama Citizenship


Since he was president, the legitimacy of Barack Obama's birth has been very controversial. A lot of people think that Obama is not a legit US citizen, making his time as a president illegal.

Iraq War / WMD


The general theory around the Iraq War is that the United States lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction and used this as a pretext for invading Iraq.

Civilization on Mars


We love some space conspiracy theory. Theorists claim that there have been in the past and currently are civilizations on Mars. People point out that there are many underground tunnels and cities on Mars, similar to the ones on Earth, where these beings live.

Birth Certificate Is A Traded Security


This conspiracy theory says that the birth certificate assigned to the United States citizens at birth is a stock for a corporation, the citizen, which is held and traded on various stock exchanges throughout the world.

Moses was Akhenaten


This conspiracy theory was started by the father of psychology Sigmund Freud. It states that Moses was actually the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who ruled 1353 BC to 1336 BC as part of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt.

Atmosphere on the Moon


Another space theory, but this time it's the moon. Some people say that there is actually an atmosphere on the back side of the moon that we can't see. How crazy is that?

Count of St. Germain


Saint Germain was an important figure from the 18th century. The mysterious part of his persona is that he always appeared as a middle-aged man and never seemed to age throughout his life.



This is the name the theorists gave to a secret group of 12 scientists, intelligence officers, and high-level government officials who were involved with researching UFOs. It's out of this world.

John Titor Time Traveler


Who wouldn't love to be able to time travel? According to a conspiracy theory, John Titor is a time traveler from the year 2026 that started posting on several online forums during 2000 and 2001 to prevent future trouble.

Nero Burns Rome


No one knows what happened in Rome on the year 64 as a fire erupted and lasted for 5 days. The theory says that the emperor of that time, Nero, was behind the creation of the fire trying to change the city.

Watergate Scandal


Even movies were made after this case. This conspiracy theory believes that President Richard Nixon he was fully involved and aware of the break-in and the documents being photographed. Others claim that he was set up and framed.

Bermuda Triangle


This is a classic. Many people think that the Bermuda Triangle has paranormal powers. Many ships have been reported missing there and UFOs were seen hovering around that area and going underwater.



This one will freak you out a little bit. A crazy conspiracy theory states that phones are slowly frying us and they point out that studies have been shown that cell phones are linked to cancer and brain tumors.

Cold War Was Staged Event


People love to think that important events were staged. As this war was a technological weapons race between the United States and the Soviet Union, it was based on fear but neither country really did something. Many people feel that the Cold War was a government strategy.



The Italian mafia, the Russian mafia, the Chinese mafia, we've heard of them. The conspiracy around them says that the mafia is closely associated with the Vatican through various financial dealings.

Face on Mars


There are images of human looking things on the surface of Mars. One of these images is what appears to be a face and people believe that it was created by some type of entity.

Philadelphia Experiment


This one is another classic. The Philadelphia Experiment was an operation to test Einstein's Field Theory in an effort to bend space and time. A theory says the U.S.S. ship disappeared, was transported 200 miles to Norfolk, Virginia, and then later appeared back in its original location.

United States Corporation


After the Civil War, a 2nd United States was formed and the name of this corporation is "UNITED STATES". Some people say the UNITED STATES government is able to sidestep the constitution and do things that it shouldn't be allowed to do.

Treaty of 1213


This treaty was signed by King John of England and Pope Innocent III in 1213. This treaty essentially made the Vatican the owner of the world while the English Crown became the executive governing body. The theory believes that this is a legitimate treaty that is still in existence to this day.

America Discovered Before Columbus


Many people believe that America wasn't discovered by Columbus. There are a number of historians who have found other groups to have sailed to and visited the Americas centuries and even millenniums before Columbus.

Nazis Backed By Vatican


This theory is about the connection between the Vatican and Hitler and the Nazis.The Nazi movement is said to be a Vatican movement that was trying to restore the Gentile Roman Aryan system of the past.

Francis Bacon Was Shakespeare


This one is both interesting and hilarious. Many people believe that the writings of Shakespeare were created by somebody else and then imputed to him. The most popular answer is Sir Francis Bacon.

Inside of Earth Is Hollow


This conspiracy theory is just bananas. Some people think that the earth is really hollow inside and that there are 1400 mile diameter entrances at the north and south poles.

President Eisenhower Treaty With Aliens


Do you want to believe? President Eisenhower is said to have been involved in meetings with aliens and in 1953 astronomers had made contact with a race of aliens.

Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination


Martin Luther King was murdered on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray was originally the principal suspect and was brought in for a trial two months after the death.



Is democracy the best system of government? Democracy is said to be a way of government that transfers overt control to covert control. Instead of having a king with power, a democracy simply allows the king to hide behind the elected front-men that they provide.

Asteroid Belt


This is another space theory. Some people believe that the Asteroid Belt is not a collection of asteroids, but the remains of a planet that has been completely obliterated.

Banco Ambrosiano Collapse


This has a connection with the Mafia theory. The Banco Ambrosiano collapsed and opened up the veil behind the Vatican, Propaganda Due Masonry, and the Mafia underworld. Banco Ambrosiano was a bank used to transfer billions of dollars in various illegal activities.

Manhattan Project


Many people have different theories around the Manhattan Project. It was a project carried out by the US government to develop atomic bombs. It was executed extreme secrecy and the general public had no clue that such a project was underway. We still don't know what happened to them.

Hitler Burns Down Reichstag


Yes, we love WWII conspiracy theories. A great number of people claim that Hitler and the Nazis were the ones behind the burning of the Reichstag because they knew that they could create an event that would emotionally put the population into fear.

Great Seal of United States


The Great Seal of the US creates a lot of controversies. People say that it is Masonic in its symbolism and it represents an evil plot that is being accomplished behind the scenes with the government.

Ancient Texts In Vatican Library


What's better than a theory about the secret archives of the Vatican? It is said that locations named in prohibited books are so secret and so exclusive that there have been popes who have lived and died without ever suspecting their existence.

Knights Templar


Knights Templar are known for being the military and financial wing of the Vatican during the Crusades of the 11th century. People believe that this organization reorganized and has re-emerged throughout history with other names: Teutonic Knights and Teutonic Order.

Nibiru / Planet X


According to theorists, Nibiru is a planet that is being ruled by a group of aliens. It is said that this planet orbits the sun every 3,6K years and we can't see it, even though many people claim we can see it and NASA is covering it up.

Aryan Master Race


The Aryan master race theory was popularized by Hitler and the Nazis. This race was said to be the highest quality and because of this, the Nazis felt that they were entitled to world domination.

Underground Tunnels and Bases


A lot of people believe that the government constructed many underground tunnels that connect to underground cities.These tunnels and bases exist since at least World War II, and some believe that much earlier than that.

Hollywood's Influence


People claim that Hollywood promotes filth or things that are not healthy for society (porn, violence, drugs and other things) and as they appear in movies, we slowly shift towards the acceptance of them.

HAARP Weather Manipulation


The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a US project that studies technology and radio communications. However, people have speculated that is actually used to manipulate the weather and that made earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Jesus Never Existed


Non-christian people love this one. People now think, after the documentary Zeitgeist, is that the Jesus never actually existed. They think that there were similar Jesus-like beings and they are symbols to represent the Sun.

The Vatican Is Satanic


The Vatican seems to be hiding a lot regarding the theorists. This conspiracy theory says that the Vatican is a front for a group of Satanic Cabalists who possess very ancient and very dark secret knowledge.



Everyone has seen the movie about the myth of Atlantis. Atlantis is an advanced civilization that used to exist on this planet. Some theories believe that some of the people in power today are descendants of these Atlanteans of ancient times.

Jesus Married To Mary Magdalene


This conspiracy has its bases on the book "Holy Blood Holy Grail" and then the movie The Da Vinci Code. Theorists believe that Jesus was actually married to Mary Magdalene and then his bloodline was brought to France and became the Merovingians.



This one is about a very famous creature. People believe that Bigfoot is known about by certain groups of people and that knowledge about Bigfoot is being hidden. Other say that it is an ancestor to humans and that we evolved from this species.

Denver Airport


This airport holds a lot of mystery.As it was a very expensive airport, many people believe that it is actually a cover for a large underground base that was constructed in tandem with the airport.

Great Pyramid / Sphinx


There are many theories regarding the date of construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the method used to create it. People believe that it was actually the first pyramid created in this area and that the surrounding step pyramids came later in construction.

Puppet Dictators


Dictators in power are said to be puppets for an even greater power behind them. According to theorists, figures such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin had an even greater power operating behind them pulling the strings.

Russian Revolution Created By America and Britain


Researchers found that the Russian Revolution was financed by the American and British banks and that Lenin and Trotsky were front men used to carry out this plot. That's ludicrous.