Photos That Will Make You Say “When You See It…”

Sometimes a friend photobombs your pic and you hate it. In this post, some strangers and creepy things appear in pictures where they shouldn't and the people taking them didn't even notice. This list shows the best "when you see it" pictures, some of them are funny and others are deeply terrifying. The next time you're taking a selfie, you will look twice to check every single thing just to be sure nothing or no one is looking at you from a window or mirror. Here are 50 pics that will make you look twice to find out what's wrong with them and try to understand what is actually happening.



I need somebody...


Imagine seeing this guy's shoes at a wedding. That poor bride has no idea! We don't know if that was a joke or a serious cry for help but we think is hilarious!

Take a second look


A guy wearing a flower bikini. Wait, what? You will have to look twice at this pic to find out what's wrong with that man body until you find out it's actually a woman.

That man


We LOVE a funny man messing with some girls pic and this one is just hilarious. Imaging posing for this photo with your friend and when you see it there's a man right there imitating you, lol!

Wait until you see it


We had a hard time seeing this one but we found it! There's a dog right above the laptop and we think it's so funny a dog is paying attention in class. We wish we have his concentration abilities

Funny hairstyle


Oh my god, her bun is actually a guy! You have to look closely to finally see it and it will make you laugh, for sure! Also, this is the best-timed photo ever!

Dancing with myself


Look at these beautiful couples… Or not. This man is all of us during prom, he just wanted to dance but didn't have a companion. At least he is trying!

Nice pants


This man looks awesome in this suit. Wait a second, he is half naked! He posed for the photo but he didn't remember that he had a mirror behind him!

What the hell


We thought that nothing was wrong with this pic what we were totally wrong. That eye gave us the creeps and we will have nightmares about it. It looks like a horror film!

Why would you do that


This looks like a great moms reunion with some Starbucks coffee but if you look closely you will see the kids behind… in A CAGE! What was going on there and how is no one doing anything about it?

Good shorts


Isn't it just a cute pic of a kids soccer team? Well, it's also a funny photo is you look at the boy with his pants down! Maybe he should wear a belt or buy tinier clothes!



Yeah, that must hurt… But, Wait a second! What's that in the mirror? This guy didn't notice his butt was getting on the frame or maybe he did it on purpose, we'll never know.

Say what?


This looks like a typical family dinner but, what's on the window reflection? This pic is for horror story lovers, if you believe in ghosts this can be a prove you can show to your non-believers friends.



The timing of this pic is just perfect. When you see the boy who is not just posing you will laugh out loud. Next time be careful if your kid is not feeling well at the team picture.



What a cute couple… the one at the back. The guy or girl who took the photo is a timing master and the thing going on between that man and his girlfriend is hilarious.

Nice tattoo


This girl was just trying to show her back tattoo but his dog is the star of this pic. When you see it you'll want to take a look at your WC the next time you take a picture in your bathroom.

This is impossible


If you are taking a picture and you have a mirror behind you, it should show your back, not your front. This picture breaks the physics rules and will keep you thinking about how is this even possible.

Girl mannequin?


We had to look twice to figure out what was happening here. At first, you think this girl has a mannequin body but then you can see her legs behind and you understand. It will take a few seconds but you'll get there

Hey Mr. Sandman


What was that body behind the girl in the bikini? Is she a ghost? If you have a super white skin you'll know the struggle of being the same color as the sand. We hope she gets some tanning after sunbathing.

Party like no one is watching


This girls just wanted to have fun, but they didn't notice that man standing at the window and stalking them! If you are having a bathtub party stay away from see-through windows!

What in the hell?


If you think that this girl is giving a thinking face with her hand, you are mistaken. Have a second look and see that it's actually her FOOT holding her chin! She must have great elongation!

What is he doing?


This girl was just trying to take a sexy pic but that guy in the background just ruined it… or he made it better? We have no idea what he is doing but it's super funny.

Bathrooms are dark and full of terrors


We've learned that bathrooms are not the best places to take pictures. That eye hiding behind the bath curtain is very scary, he looks like a serial killer waiting for the right time!

Big hand


If you take a look at this picture you will think that this boy has a huge hand! But if you think about it for a second you will figure out that it's actually his father hand, what a trick!

What in the hell is she doing?


This little girl throwing noodles at her body just photobombed that four ladies pic, but what was she actually doing? It seems like she is enjoying it! Kids are weird.



This pic was meant to be an artistic photo but turned out to be a very scary one. That ghost standing next to the photographer really gives us the creeps.



That mirror was placed in the right spot. That woman really looks like she doesn't have a head! But it is actually an optical illusion. This restaurant may want to reconsider its designing choices.



Look closely at this pic to find a cute surprise at the right bottom. That cat made us smile as it just wanted to appear in the photo of this gorgeous sunflowers.

Perfect timing


Take a look at that woman at the top of the pic. When you see it you will be more cautious the next time you just want to scratch your butt. Some stranger may catch you on camera!

What is her body doing?


We think that the human body just not works this way...Look at this girl's legs and her position and you'll start wondering how she did it. We still have no clue



If you think this is just a cute picture of three friends hanging after graduation, you're mistaken and you're missing the fourth one. The pose he made gives the photo the extra creepiness.

Happy birthday?


You have to look really close to finding out what's wrong with this photo. These girls were having a party but a strange face was looking them from the window.



What's that thing on top of this girl's head? A SPIDER! She seems to be enjoying it or knows nothing about it because no one would put that face when a tarantula is walking on their head.

Nice face


When you see it you'll scream. That girl at the bottom of the picture looks possessed by a demon. She definitely photobombed that pic but in a funny but scary way.

When you understand...


At first, when you see this picture you don't understand why this girl is naked and taking a photo but then you see the dog. If you have a twisted mind, we are sure that you didn't get the pic.

Foot or hand?


What is going on in here? This woman just placed her arm at the right spot for it to seem like she has a foot instead of a hand. If you look closely you will see how she did it.



This girl's knees look like babies! Maybe it's a sign and she is pregnant or it means nothing but we can't stop staring at them and we are sure that you can't either.

Hitler used windows media player?


This picture looks like a photo from World War II and Hitler, but what about that Windows Media Player? That thing made us look twice and realize it's totally fake.

Peek a boo


This is another great example of creepy dudes in pictures. Right in the middle of these friends having a great time, a guy just looked at the camera and turn this photo into a nightmare.

F you!


This guy socks are our MOOD. We want to ask him where he got them and just buy some pairs! He has a surprise for you when he sits and you can see his F you socks!

What is this?


We thought that nothing was wrong with this picture but we couldn't be more mistaken. That baby head on top of the van is super creepy and scary. It will haunt our dreams.

Another eye...


We'll give you a hint for this one… look closely at the bed and you find out something disturbing. Did you see it? That man's eye looks like a horror film poster.

A surprise


This guy is just waiting for his visitors at the door… but in a very creepy way. Please if you have people over don't wait for them like this or you will totally scare the hell out of them.

Nude beach


This great group pic was photobombed by that naked old man in the background. He doesn't care at all and is just walking on the beach like it's nobody's business.

I think we are alone now


Imagine asking someone to take a picture of you and your friend and when you see it, a guy appears looking like a murderer waiting for his next victim. Not cool at all.

Girl party... Or not.


This group of girls just wanted to take a picture of them having fun at a party, but little did they know about that creepy dude standing through the window.

A cute baby


What's that in the stroller? That's not a baby, it's a dino! These women were walking a dino in a stroller and didn't give a damn about it. It's hilarious!

What’s that face


This one was hard to find. If you pay attention to the couch you will see a man's mouth. Maybe it was not the best idea to sleep on a couch which was on the streets.

That look


This girl just found the perfect light for a selfie and that other girl photobombed it. At least her face is not as creepy as others we've seen on this list.

Strike a pose


We can't even begin to explain what is going on here. That naked man posing is the star of the photo, and that poor girl will have his image forever in her picture, and in her head.

A demon?


What's that thing in the mirror of this girl? That thing is not even human or animal. When you see it you'll have the creeps and you probably won't sleep tonight.