Instant Karma

Revenge is not a good thing, we all know that: is much healthier to let go of anger and resentment feelings instead to try to get back at someone or something just so they get what you feel they deserve. However, even we try to trust Karma in getting people what they should get in exchange for their actions, a little human intervention seems necessary to get the world a little more fairness. We are definitely not suggesting that you should do any of these but some revenge actions can be quite funny and we selected the best ones for you.





Dog revenge


After a stray dog was hit by this car and didn't stop to provide him with any assistance, the rest of the dog gang decided to take the matter into their own paws and trash it.





Garbage man


If you are a jerk to the garbage man and decide to interrupt his job by leaving your car next to the containers, we really hope that this happens to you: respect other people's jobs.





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