Perfectly Timed

The magic of photography has captivated millions of fans all over the world. Thanks to technology and the possibility to take a picture with your cell phone, a lot of people that started with this as a hobby developed a greater interest for this art, bought a nice camera and started with this passion. Thanks to that and to internet access, all those amateur photographers could upload their pictures and prove what they were made of. For that reason, the Internet is crowded with lots of amazing pictures that have the signature of a small artist with no career at all, trying to make a way on this art. Besides the artistic concept, there's the perfect clicking time and the humor side that comes with those who perfectly timed a picture. Like the following 50 hilarious examples.



I’m a real pigeon!


The artist that drew those birds as they were flying away and the great nature. A hole in that construction and the real bird completed this amazing picture taken at the right moment.

Send it to the Heffner mansion


Cats are cute, says the billboard behind this serious man that was caught just in the right moment and seemed to be posing and making faces for the photographer in the subway.

Stop that thief!


Stop that man, he stole the hood from this car and is walking away as if nothing has happened there. Great coincidence in the street where no one seemed to notice what happened.

The Neverending story

the mind circle

The dog just stood in front of the camera while the photographer was catching that pair of women looking at the sky. What's with its eye? Is he angry about something that happened?


perfectly timed images

Was this eagle flying too fast? My congratulations to the photographer that found the right angle to take an impossible picture after two planes left that mark in the sky.

It isn’t a ball

static skynet

Don't kick it. This isn't a ball but a real cat. Two things joined together for the picture: a really fat cat and a perfectly synchronized jump that hide the legs with its body.

Before diving

team jimmy joe

The young man was about to enter into the swimming pool with a really cool dive when the photographer clicked the camera. There's not a single drop splashing around the kid. Bravo!

A gassy man


Was the man posing for this picture? I don't understand how he could be standing near that big fire and in that pose as if he was farting really really hard to the flames.

Before the splash


The girl did know she was going to get splashed really hard by that wave but she decided to pose for this amazing picture at the beach. Would you say she got hurt after the hit?



We could baptize this technique "mirroring". What do you say? What happened to the body of this girl posing for the lens of an artist behind the camera? This would make a great Instagram picture.

Longest cat ever


The best game for a family of cats consists in any object where they can fit in. That was what happened with these two cats that were playing at the same time, making this illusion.

What are they trying to do?


The two girls playing with the sunset and this amazing picture as if one of them even was about to put it inside the other, or like she was removing it from her.

Before the hospital

janela online

With such a painful fall this skater had probably ended in a hospital room. But at this moment it looks like if he was practicing some new break dance steps.

Don’t hurt me!

the mind circle

There are two possible explanations. This squirrel could be asking someone no to hurt him, or maybe it is trying to point out how many beers it had the prior night.

Donnie Darko


Fantastic picture of this dog on the beach as if it was walking but also as if it was trying to impersonate the obscure rabbit from Donnie Darko. What was it trying to do?

Pretty seagull

team jimmy joe

She was only trying to pose nicely for the picture when a seagull passed behind her and ruined the photo forever. However, it made an amazing funny picture for the internet.

Do you know how they make babies?


So the stork called this family a minutes before it arrived at the landing point and then dropped the baby as expected. There's no other explanation for the arrival of new babies to the family.

Is she wasting water?

perfectly timed images

So this woman was drinking water and had enough of it so she decided to throw the rest away. Or is just a cascade in the right angle making an illusion?

Fetch the bubble


The dog was about to catch this huge bubble, but I think it ended up disappointed after learning that bubbles aren't created for that. The bright side is that its owner could blow it a new bubble.

Perfect symmetry

mo illusions

As if it was the work of an illusion, the water served as a mirror for this bird that was trying to catch a bug from the water to have a nice dinner.

Concerned about its figure

sky redisign

The squirrel was caught at the moment it was reading the ingredients of that candy bar. Maybe it has some issues with its figure and was trying to figure out if the snack worth it.

You’re it!


These two chameleons were jumping and the lens of a camera caught them as if they were playing. Or are they fighting and the one on the left is pointing the other for a mistake?

He has no friends

earth porm

Someone, please tell this dog that the one on the wall isn't a real pet. It has to have a really lonely life in order to pursue dogs drawn on the wall.

Perfect blanket


As if it was taking a nap and covering herself with a nice blanket, the sea was caught at the moment it surpassed the girl in the sand. Or is it the work a Photoshop master?

Bye bye birdie

news zii

These were the last moments of the poor bird that wasn't expecting visits. It was focusing looking at nature and the snake took advantage of that situation. Bye, bye birdie.

Are they in love?

wp content

The two cats were walking together when the photographer suddenly captured the moment were their tails looked like they were forming a heart. So that left the question if they were in love or it was just a coincidence.

Living skull


As if it was a naturalistic version of the Terminator, the butterfly posed on the skull and created the illusion of a living eye. A pretty picture that could make a nice wallpaper.

Don’t eat your partners!

runt of the web

Why is this soldier eating all his partners while they're descending from the helicopter? Has no one told him that it is a rude attitude? What about the pilot, why isn't he moving the chopper?

Piss she off


The girl was lying on the grass enjoying the sun and hoping for a nice tan when the dog ruined the evening for her. This was the moment prior the screaming of disgust from the girl.

Benjamin Button

still cracking

It is really hard to find the place where the face of the kid ends and the face of the man start. For that reason, this could be one of the best perfectly timed pictures ever made.

Is it laughing?


The seal was not only looking at the camera but also making faces to the photographer that caught this moment as if it was laughing. Another great picture that could make a nice wallpaper.

Landing on the moon

optical spy

The man that was skydiving was pictured at the very same time he surpassed the moon and from that angle, it looked like it was landing on it. The dream for every one.

This is Sparta!

obvious fan

The birds were fighting for those seeds as they hadn't eaten for a really long time. So the strongest one as the bird that won the fight and kicked the other out of the place.



It looks like the sand was caught in a bubble by that wave. An amazing picture from a beach photographer that, once again, could also make a great wallpaper for your phone.

Watch out!

parentz talk

I'm imagining a couple taking pictures at the park, that after making this one went running home in order to see if they could capture the minute the swing in the back broke.


dump a day

The antelope was walking on the prairie when a pelican opens its wings on the back and made this amazing picture. Is it the animal that inspired the legend of Pegasus?

It came from another dimension


The plane surpassed that cloud but in the picture, it looks like the pilot came from another dimension. Was it from the past or from the future? What news do you have for us, pilot?

That girl is in her underwear


I'm not sure if I would walk on the street carrying a bag like that one. Not only because I don't like the design but also because it could make me look bad. Like the girl in the picture.

That hurt!

ebaums world

Poor little dog. He was playing with his human fetching that yellow Frisbee when a miscalculation ended up with the toy hitting his thing. I'm not sure if he would play again.

Kiss the floor


I'm trying to think of the photographer of this picture that saw the whole sequence and instead of helping out the lady decided to capture the right moment when she kissed the floor.

It was a pleasure ride this thing


The moment after it took the jump, the quad bike broke and the pilot could saw his future. There was no possibility for him to land properly and not suffer the consequences.



She stood in front of the camel from the zoo in order to have a nice picture for her Instagram, but the animal got angry because she never asked it for permission!



The kid must have this picture framed in his bedroom as an incentive to never quit baseball. If he could survive that nasty moment he could become the professional player he dreams about.

Does it water its horns?

blaze press

The antelope was staring at the sunset when the photographer took this great picture of him behind a tree. What a nice picture that could renew the wallpaper from your computer.

Right on time


I would pay a lot of money for a picture of a plane the minute before it exploded in the ground. I would pay even more if the pilot ejecting right on time is on that picture too.

So she has nobody?


I'm assuming she decided to buy that particular swimsuit in order to have the opportunity of taking this picture. Despite the difference in the colors, it's a great picture for her social networks.

Elephant man


The fisherman was caught by the lens of a photographer willing to make fun of the situation. Even the fins of the fish looked like they were a pair of sunglasses. Nice pic!


google user content

What a great way of capturing the last minute in the life of a bee. It stung the arm of that man that even seemed to be waiting that moment in order to capture the picture.


get narrative

I think this is Michael Phelps and this could explain why he won all those medals with almost no effort. He's actually an alien and this is the proof for that theory.

Titanic fail

hype digest

There's a reason why James Cameron decided to role Titanic inside of a set. This couple learned it the hard way after a seagull crashed in the face of the poor girl.