Perfect Pictures That Will Make You Feel The World Is In Its Right Order

There are many things that are wrong with this world. Really, a ton. And I don't even mean to be shady but that is the way it is: there is iniquity, rudeness, most of your life will require a lot of effort to function and it's easy to feel like nothing is right sometimes. A hopeless feeling is very hard to shake off, but not impossible and that is where we can help: these fifty things are just…right. And they are so right that they give us the feeling that everything might get better. Don't you believe us? Just look at them and feel it yourself.





Dragon fruit


Dragon fruits are beautiful and nobody can deny it: yes, some fruits are aesthetically beautiful to look at, but this one cut in half looks so perfect that it makes the world a better place.

Peanut Butter


This perfect spoonful of peanut butter gives me life: there is no bubble of air, no marks, no scratches: just pure peanut butter perfection ready to be spread on a toast.

Tomato Plant


When you decide to grow vegetables at home you probably don't imagine this as a benefit other than eating fresh food: it also looks like something we would buy as a decoration.



Ice cream always brings happiness: it doesn't matter if you are a child or a grown-up, but seeing this perfect vanilla ice cream cone served is also quite satisfactory.



This potatoes laying in water created an effect on top and all it took to get it was leave them still: the figures you are seeing are a result of the starch on each one of them.

Boiled Egg


Boiled eggs are very easy to make at home (really, all you have to do is boil an egg, no much of a science) but they can be messy to peel off afterward: well, not this one.



Onion rings taste so much better when they are curled up and that is a blessing itself, but also isn't it beautiful when one of them comes as a sign of hope?

Pepperoni and onion


Coincidences are everywhere and it only takes attention to detail to truly enjoy them: see how this onion ring fits perfectly around this slice of pepperoni on top of the pizza.



There is no way that a chocolate cake can be ugly but this one could compete in a cake beauty pageant if there was one: see how those stripes fall into place flawlessly.



There are two possible tragedies when it comes to avocados: the seed being extremely big or wasting a ton of it while peeling. This picture is pure perfection for avocado lovers.



You probably have never imagined eggs being beautiful and neither had we, but this gradient set of eggs is just too beautiful to ignore. It should be on a poster in someone's kitchen for sure.

Rosebud Cake


Cake decorations are getting better by the hour and it's not strange to find outrageous creations, but this simple rosebud cake so flawlessly executed is all we need to be happy.

Tic Tacs


I know what you must be thinking, how can tic tacs be cute? They usually don't stand out, but seeing how they fit perfectly organized in the box is definitely something.



A fried egg that has a perfectly sized yolk right in the middle giving a perfect white and yellow proportion had to make this ranking: not sure how it tastes, but it sure looks delicious.



Not only this watermelon is great because it doesn't have that many seeds, but also check out how incredible the natural pattern it created is. Not too shabby for a watermelon.



Some of you will love this and some of you will probably be grossed out: the meat depends a lot on how you liked it cooked but this seems perfect, even though for some may still be raw.



This simple design of a cake may not seem like much if you compare it with the Cake boss creations, but pulling out such a perfect pattern with no mistakes is a real talent.



Getting a job at a grocery store may not seem like a big deal but let me tell you something: if you manage to organize something like this you will make an obsessive shopper very happy.

Ice Cream


This mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream cone is all about symmetry and someone seemed excited enough about this coincidence to take a picture. We would have done the same, this is Instagram material.



Harvesting only one little tomato off your plant may seem like a failure, but how can you get mad when the result is this tiny beautiful one who could be on the cover of a cooking magazine?

Crushed can


Crashing a can is something that most of us do when we are done drinking it, but this that happened by chance gives you a peaceful feeling: look how perfect it looks.



This happened by chance and that's what makes it so great: a spoon filled with baking soda took this perfect shape, just in case you were wondering if you have measured it precisely.



Who doesn't love to cook marshmallows with the intention of them looking perfectly roasted even though it's often not the result we get? It's possible, reach for the stars when you do it.



At first sight, this looks like salmon ready to become part of a fancy sushi plate but it's a bunch of perfectly sliced tomatoes waiting to be cooked. That's what we call precision.



This beautiful pyramid of M&Ms can only mean one thing: someone is extremely bored at work and should be sending out resumes as we speak. Still, we admit it looks great.

Gummy Bears


Have you ever been so bored that you decided to rearrange a bunch of gummy bears by color just to see how it would look? We haven't but someone apparently was.



McDonald's is pretty much the same anywhere in the world, except in Japan because everything is perfect in Japan. See this beverage in a perfect gradient with those refreshing bubbles.



Not only that this is the tallest cake we have seen and someone will have the worst time of his life cutting it but see how the chocolate sauce drops so perfect in each piece. Lovely.



Probably up until now, you have never thought that lettuce can be appealing, but yes: if this picture does not make you crave a plate full of it, something is very wrong with you.



The cranberry decoration in this cheesecake is great not only because it makes it look so delicious, but also because each piece of fruit fits in perfectly next to the other. A real work of art.



It's not all about food when it comes to coincidental pleasant pictures: the way the natural sunlight gets in between this tree branches is quite spectacular, don't you think?



This picture was taken by chance although it could have been part of a premeditated shoot: this volunteer was rescuing people in a fire when someone took this shot of him as a true angel.



The perspective on this picture and the perfect timing it was taken with makes it seems as the bumblebee is taking the whole sun into his own hands. Such a great picture.



This girl probably had no idea she was having her picture taken while she was scrolling down her social media feed: the graffiti wings make her truly seem like an angel walking down the street.



This woman was shaking a cover on her balcony and probably never imagined that she was looking as if she was holding hands with a ghost. Or maybe she was and we were all fooled.



If you ever had to stand a terrible lecture with an awful teacher, this picture will give you hope: the projector displayed the exact word on his forehead to make this an instant karma situation.

Toilet light


You wouldn't expect miracle pictures happening in the toilet and to be honest, neither would we but the way this ray of light falls perfectly inside the bowl is so much fun.

Giant bird


No, it's not a pigeon taking a selfie but one of the best shots captured with a mix of timing and perspective. I know, it would be much cooler if it was a pigeon actually taking a selfie in a mirror.

Treble Clef


The way the cord on this guy's headphones took the shape of a perfect treble chef while he was listening to some tunes in the subway is amazing. I'm sure you are going to start paying attention after this.



Pier pictures are a must if you have an Instagram account, and so are sunsets so this one falls perfectly into both categories. It really is a perfect picture, don't you think?

Truck stealing the sun


This truck looks as if it's stealing the sun and this is probably one of the most perfect shots we could find: the shape, the size, it all falls into place with such perfection it's really pleasant to look at.



This perfect wave was captured by a photographer and it's one of our favorites: in something so unpredictable and messy like the ocean, this picture makes you feel the world is in order.



This guy behind Obama's speech is amazing because the shape and size of the hair of the woman behind him is perfect. They couldn't have pulled this off if it had been planned.



Timing is everything to create a perfect picture where each part of its composition makes it look like the world is working perfectly: this is a great example of that and we really love it.

This moment


If you have ever wanted to stop something horrible from happening to trust the timing of the world, this picture is perfect: that kid's face could have ended in tragedy.



All these wind turbines together make it look as if it was a piece of modern art and not only functional pieces in the middle of the country. It really does look outstanding from this point of view.

Whip my hair


This tiny horse decided it was time to change his look and he decided to wear his big brother's ponytail as a wig: luckily someone was able to capture this at the perfect time.

Lightning Rainbow


Both lightings and rainbows are some amazing things to witness, so the two of you appearing together is really something: the division it creates in the sky is quite stunning.



This is hilarious but also helps you have that sense of wellbeing you get when things are perfect: it really seems like the guy on the TV is asking about the slippers. So funny.



Getting a celebrity picture is a long shot if you are waiting to meet one in real life so these people found the way of making it happen from their home. It really fits in perfectly with the TV.