People Making Bad Decisions

People tend to think less of the safety needs every time they are at work. For that reason, every now and then we hear about different accidents that sound so stupid they make you doubt about the worker capacity. If it isn't because a bad decision regarding the place of work, it has to do with the stupidest ways of covering important parts of the body. I'm talking about the face or the hands that are left to the will of God. Of course, we couldn't leave the legs aside. Most times people seem to forget they have legs and work as if there was nothing down the waist.


No one likes a sunburn


Do you remember those days when your mother used to tell you the worst things about not covering from the sun? Well, here you have a bunch of workers that heard her and learned the lesson.

Short ladders? No problem

media licdn

So the ceiling is so high that you can't reach it with the ladders at your workplace? No worries. I'm sure you could find someone as crazy as you are to help you pull this thing out.

If I didn’t read it, it isn’t true

heavy lift news

Yeah… I'm being careful, boss, don't you worry about a thing. Did this worker read the sign in front of his nose or is he just waiting for the whole place to blow up?

The chairs technique


Just as safe as those times when you put a chair above the table in order to change the lamps from your high ceiling. What could go wrong with this amazing technique?

Are you working alone?


Some people have the best ideas when they are working alone and have no one to talk. Of course, that means they have no one to talk them out of the worst safety solution you could ever think of.

Fire can’t pass through metal


What could possibly go wrong with this worker? He seems like a hard worker willing to risk everything in order to complete a task. So would you consider hiring him the next time?

It is too long to be stable

eh safety news

I think this man up there doesn't know about the laws of physics. The longer and thin something is, the most likely it is to bend. In this case, that would mean his death.

Moving day


How aren't these guys afraid of the height? They aren't tied to anything and they have not only to use their strength but also focus in order to not fall.

A little wind would be enough


Just an open window would be enough to blow the machine and make it fall. After that, I'm not sure if we could see any survivors. Don't they ever think of stability when they do this?

Good thing he had the buckets


I think the bucket in the right part of the ladder was the one responsible for convincing the guy. I would dare him to do the same thing but with a fifth bucket covering his head.

Enlarging your ass


This could be a great idea if you think that your butt line isn't long enough and you need to enlarge it. Otherwise, I can't think of a better reason to explain this image.

Is he cooking himself?


Do you know those times when you're taking a shower and the water is so nice you could live in there? I do not think this could be the case.

Can’t you cross? Don’t worry


So you are having trouble crossing this river? Don't worry the driver of this bobcat can help you go from one side to the other without getting wet at all.

Buy a new slide for the kids. Done!


Now you only need to fill this swimming pool and you would have the best summer of your life. Just be sure that the kids don't use the slide when it's empty…

How did he do that?


Ok, let's put safety aside. How did he manage to stick the ladder on the top of the other ladder? I think he might have needed the help of another coworker.

Harness? What’s that?

cuidado con los huevos

Why would you need a harness for? Isn't enough with the legs and strengths from a coworker? Look at this pair of friends fixing problems in the street and you would believe me.


blog 2 rire

How did he manage to put the truck like this without flipping it completely? Now I'm not sure if that stick could hold the truck long enough so he can finish the work.

They are waiting for it to explode

de no creer

I'm not sure how this bobcat fell in that place holding such a fragile missile. That said, I think the whole plant left the place the minute they saw this happen and they are waiting for it to explode.

The house cleaner


Don't worry lady; I'll clean the window after I finish with this wall of the house. How thick is that window to hold a grown man and doesn't break into a thousand pieces?

Short wires


Everyone has a friend that has an artifact of the house connected only by wires. So don't be hypocrites acting surprise. I'm sure it the time comes you would do it yourselves.

Bucket challenge


I'm not sure about this technique but if this works the guy could have found the cheapest way to working safely. He could sell buckets for millions of dollars after this.

Black out

brain jet

I think they just left the entire town without electric power. But I can't understand how the one in the bobcat isn't dead yet. It looks like if the bobcat was eating some electric spaghetti.

What could go wrong? Part II

dump a day

So the man is preventing a fire and helping the neighborhood not to lose the electric power. What could go wrong with this amazing scene? Is he close enough to reach the fire?



They are the crash dummies for the last bike one of the biggest companies is designing. I can't decide which of both helmets I like the most as a gift for my best friend.

The first from the line is regretting this

reporte ntv

It looks like the first guy in the line isn't too sure about the decision of the group. What is this guy trying to fix? Is it that important to risk his own life in order to keep the ship floating?

Religious safety

timothy kurek

The religion from this guy forbids him to remove the turban at any time of the day. For that reason, he decided to wear the helmet on the top of the turban in order to be safe.

Take him to the circus

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If he survives to this stupid idea, be sure to take him to a circus. You can win a lot of money by representing the next generation of electric acrobats.

Best helmet ever


This looks like the best helmet made ever. It would cushion any possible thing that could fall from the skies and you wouldn't feel anything at all. Give me two!

The best friend of the sparkles


Just a nice sparkle would be enough to start a fire in this man's face covering. Isn't this a popular basic known that wood and fire get along really well? Common sense, man!



Don't worry man I got your back with this amazing device I have just created. I'm thinking of patent this creation after we finish the work here. Would you come with me?

I have two of them…

g static

Don't worry about a thing. I have two legs and a friend told me they can grow back. I just need to cut this stupid piece of wood in order to fulfill my tasks here.

This isn’t that bad


How many ladders does this man have at work? I don't think this is a bad idea at all. The only problem is that one of the wooden beams is too short for this.

How stupid can they be?

pix mafia

Wasn't a better idea just to move the ladder a little more to the left so he didn't have to use another ladder? How many people does it take to realize that simple idea?


vitamin ha

Please hold on a little longer, I almost finish with this window. Hope you still have some energy for the other four windows in the house. I would pay you back.

At least there two workers holding him

dump a day

This isn't the first time we see an image like this. But in this case, we could point that there are two workers holding the man that went down the sewer.

Who needs a truck?


Who needs a truck to move a fridge when you can use the help of a brave friend? However, I'm wondering what happened to the roof of this car after the moving.

We need to cross

national safety

We need to cross. No matter what. I have to point out two things: First the odds in favor of the two wooden beams breaking in half. And second, the focusing in order to keep the wheels in the path.

An important billboard

vitamin ha

This must be a really important billboard in order to risk the lives of two workers to finish it. Although they must have had a really short budget to buy the proper tools for the job.

I told you so!


In my head I'm hearing the voice of someone behind this camera screaming to the driver: "I told you so". Who could be that idiot to load that amount of things without thinking about the possibility of them falling?

Safety second

apt get update

It is too hot for having a barbecue outside. The best solution could be this nice swimming pool with a curious device that could electrify them for whatever they are doing there.

Useful ropes


Who needs a different kind of ladder when you can use the one you have at home by tying it to the railing of the second floor. Would you bet on him to break his bones?

Sweet irony


Wait… What? The person or group of people that created this billboard must be put away. Who could be that idiot to work in advertising without understanding irony? Fire them!

I have an idea…


It looks like it's really high. Don't worry. I just had an idea to solve this problem. I would only need you to take a picture of this great plan that could worth a couple million dollars.

You can’t blame their creativity


This could look like a dangerous job but you couldn't blame their creativity. They are solving a complicated problem at work by just using the tools they had there. Cheers!

What could go wrong with this fire?

safety risk

Why would you blame this guy if he's only trying to put the helmet properly? This is the perfect example of a man who thinks first in safety and then in working.

The ladder experts

construction data company

You have to be really stupid to just hold a ladder like this by only using one co-worker. As this picture proves, you will need just another partner to work safely.

I am not carrying enough

safety culture

This driver will always think he wasn't carrying enough trucks. No wonder why the lane behind this driver hasn't had any traffic at all. You have to brave to drive behind him.

Nice posture

safe 2 use

Do you need to put some nails on the structure of your house roof? Don't worry I could help you with the yoga postures I've been practicing all the month.

Dumb and dumber


I'm still laughing thanks to the guy sitting in the excavator. However, I can't find a proper explanation for that ladder on the river. Wouldn't it be smarter to use the excavator instead?


pan rueng

So you are planning on travel around the country and you don't know how to put all the baggage inside your car? Don't worry, here you have one of the best ideas for that.

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