Some Of The Weirdest Animals You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Animals. Who doesn't love them? They're one of the first things we learn to love as children. We want them as pets. We see them in farms. And we take trips to the zoo to see them. They are marvelous and intelligent and, sometimes, even dangerous. But we think we know all about them. Don't we? Wrong. There are thousands of different animals classified in hundreds of different species. It is impossible to know all of them. Some animals you didn't even know existed. So, here, I have for you 50 of the weirdest animals you probably didn't know existed.







The yeti crab (Kiwa Hirsuta) is an unusual, hairy crab with no eyes. It was discovered in 2005 on a hydrothermal vent near Easter Island. It is notable for the quantity of silky blond "fur" covering its legs.





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