Interesting Breaking Bad Facts

On January 10, 2008, Breaking Bad's first episode came out. Yes, it's been over ten years now. Over the course of its five seasons, the series became an international television phenomenon. In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade I will simply explain what the show is about. It follows the story of a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and risks everything to make sure his family will be taken care of after he dies. How does he risk it? By becoming a meth producer. Here are 50 things you might not have known about Breaking Bad. Spoilers ahead.



Breaking Tax Fees


Breaking Bad was originally set in Riverside, California but as New Mexico offered a 25% tax rebate the production team decided to move their headquarters to that state instead. Smart move.

Walter Cranston


Did you know studio producers wanted other actors for Walt's role? Can you imagine John Cusack or Matthew Broderick instead of Bryan Cranston? I can't either. Nice save, team.

Real Heisenberg


The name Heisenberg comes from a German theoretical physicist better known for the uncertainty principle who was a school teacher and died of cancer. That story sounds familiar for some reason.

Alternative Ending


I suppose you know Jesse was supposed to die by the end of the first season but something you probably don't know is the details of how it was going to happen. He was going to be beaten to death by some drug kingpin. Later, Walt would avenge Jesse by cutting the kingpin into pieces.

Grill Some Money


Tuco's grill was awesome, right? Well, we are not the only ones who think so, it was sold by over 20 thousand dollars in an auction which took place in October 2013.

Free Your Schedule


The entire series is 3.030 minutes long. So, in case you haven't watched it yet, start clearing your agenda because it will take a little while to do so. I promise you won't regret it.



Now a curiosity. There are sixty-two episodes in the series. The 62nd element in the periodic table is Samarium, a drug used to treat pain in cancer patients. Nice one.

Deadly series


There are 270 deaths throughout all the seasons of Breaking Bad. Operating a car wash business is really dangerous I guess. Big spoiler that was, Walt manages a car wash station.

I’m not a liar

worstfailever is a real website and I'm not lying. Go on and check it for yourself, I'll wait for you to come back. Are you done? What about now? See, I wasn't lying.

Name Calling


Jesse only refers to Mr. White as Walter two times during the entire series but we all know he calls him lots of other things I'm not allowed to reproduce here. Too bad, I know.

Real Home


The White family home is, in fact, a real family home. Walter White's house in Breaking Bad has been the real-life home of a woman called Fran since 1973. She doesn't mind the thousands of cars that slow down in front of her house to take pictures.

Gilligan’s only regret


Creator of the show admits having one regret: "One thing that sort of troubled me, looking back over the entirety of the show: Jesse's teeth were a little too perfect. He'd probably have terrible teeth in real life."



An Albuquerque clinic is using the show's popularity to help get New Mexicans off narcotics. By sharing their stories, entrants have the chance to win a "Breaking Addiction" scholarship which translates into 12 weeks of free rehabilitation treatment.

Now I’m hungry


Gustavo Fring's restaurant is a real chicken restaurant but is sadly called Twisters instead of Los Pollos Hermanos. The painting of the series restaurant remains on a wall inside the place and has become a tourist attraction.



Since BB came out in 2008, real drug producers around the US have been adding blue food dye to their meth in an attempt to trick their customers into thinking it is stronger, like Heisenberg's product.

The Heisenberg Hat


One of the show's costumes designer admitted that the reason Cranston started wearing the now-infamous Heisenberg Hat was that he needed to prevent his head against sunburnt. "It became the identifiable look for Walt's certain mood", she said.



Shortly after shooting the last Breaking Bad scene ever, the cast and crew spent a night in a local bar; Cranston ended up with a tattoo of the show's logo on his finger.

New Mexico Salutes You


The change of setting we mentioned in fact number one has certainly been a boon for the New Mexico tourism industry. Blue-meth candy, blue-meth doughnuts, locally brewed Heisenberg "dark" beer, custom-made Heisenberg Pez dispensers are just some of the products you can buy there.

True Vision


Before landing a deal with AMC, lots of networks passed on Breaking Bad. Some of those networks Showtime, HBO, TNT, and FX. It sure must hurt to see the opportunity you missed when they did so.

Walking Dead


Gilligan got some help from The Walking Dead crew for Fring's final episode. They made a model of Gustavo Fring's exploded head, which was then digitally married with actor Giancarlo Esposito's real face.



Aaron Paul uses the word "b***c" a total of 54 times throughout the series. Which, considering there are 62 episodes, seems a little disappointing if you ask me. I always thought it was like a thousand times.



Did you know Walter White's boss at the car wash is an actual chemist in real life? Breaking Bad was his first acting role. You probably remember him for his big, great-looking eyebrows.

One in a Million


Remember that iconic scene where Walter throws a pizza to the roof? He managed to do so in one take and Gilligan called it a "one-in-a-million shot." He should go to the Olympics.

Real Life Walter White


In 2016, a 55-year-old man named Walter White rose to the top of Tuscaloosa, Alabama's most wanted list for manufacturing and selling meth. That guy was destined to become a drug dealer.

Game of Meth


After watching Season 5, Episode 14 George R.R. Martin called Walter White "A bigger monster than anyone in Game of Thrones" and said he wanted to do something like that in his next book. Just focus on ending the thing George.



Can you believe Aaron Paul has never had any acting classes? During a Reddit AMA, he said: "I always just thought, 'Hey, pretend like you're being someone else and that's all there is to it.'" You say so only because you are talented Aaron.

Mighty Heisenberg Rangers


If I told you Bryan Cranston had a role in Power Rangers would you believe me? You should, I have already told you I'm not a liar. Around two decades before becoming Walter White he was the voice of the evil "Twin Man."

White Tears


Anna Gunn, or Skyler White as you probably know her, has said during interviews that Cranston cried for 15 minutes after filming the scene in which Walt lets Jesse's girlfriend Jane die.

Pink(man) Tears


Talking about the same scene, Aaron Paul said: "When that day was over, I couldn't be happier that it was over because I really, truly felt I was living those tortured moments with Jesse."

Everything Has a Reason


The 1st, 4th, 10th and 13th episodes of Season 2 all have black and white teaser intros. If you combine the episode titles you get Seven Thirty-Seven - Down - Over - ABQ. That's a reference to the plane crash at the end of the season.

Bold Prediction


In Season 2 episode "4 Days Out," Jesse asks if they're going to build a robot to save them. Well, that's pretty much what happens. A robotic arm comes to save the day!

Learning to Walk Again


It is a fact Walt Jr. actor RJ Mitte does have cerebral palsy, but not as severely as his character. In fact, he had to learn how to walk with crutches for the show as he had never needed to do so before.



Breaking Bad's last episode is called "Felina." As well as being an anagram of "finale," Felina can be split up into Fe Li Na which are the chemical symbols for Iron, Lithium, and Sodium. Or as some have indicated: Blood, meth, and tears.

Everything happens for a Reason II


In "Felina" the camera lingers on the New Hampshire plates to reveal the state motto, "Live Free or Die", which is also the name of the Season 5 premiere. SPOILER ALERT! It also anticipates the outcomes of the two main characters.

Baby Blue


Vince Gilligan himself selected "Baby Blue" by Badfinger as the song that would play during the final scene of the show. The song got purchased from iTunes more than 5,000 times the night of the finale's only and re-entered the Billboard charts over 40 years since it was first released.

Bad Guy


Out of all of the felonies committed by one character in the series, Todd committed the most: murder, child murder, robbing, manufacturing and distributing meth, holding a human in captivity, carrying illegal firearms, and obstruction of justice are just a few of them.

Main Characters


There are only two actors which appear in every single Breaking Bad episode. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are the only two to appear in each and every episode of the show. I bet you saw that coming.

Treasure Hunting


The GPS coordinates used during season 5 that lead Hank to his death are real coordinates, but they don't lead to 80 million dollars but to Q Studios in Albuquerque, where Breaking Bad was shot.

Gas Mask


The gas mask made it through the entire series. I'm talking about the gas mask Walt holds on to and admires in his final seconds. That gas mask is the same one that was used in the series pilot.

Just a Bad Dream


There is an alternate ending for the series finale. It involves Bryan Cranston in his role of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, as he wakes up from a nightmare. Jane Kaczmarek makes a cameo appearance as her Malcolm in the Middle character, Lois.

Sugar Meth


When characters on the show are smoking meth, they are in fact smoking sugar or rock candy and they don't really inhale it. Or at least that's what they said.

Bear Star


The pink teddy bear that fell into the backyard pool of the White Residence as part of the falling wreckage from the Wayfarer 515 aerial disaster has more appearances than you might think. It appears in at least 4 episodes.



Remember I told you about Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad finger tattoo? Aaron Paul has "No Half Measures" (an episode title, and a general theme of the show) on his inner forearm.



Fun Fact: the characters and their values are represented by the colors of their clothing. For example, as the series progresses Walter White starts wearing more and more white or light-colored clothing.

Not by Chance


During the opening credits, the chemical formula for meth, and its molecular weight can be seen on the screen just before the title Breaking Bad comes up. I love it when they do stuff like this.



During filming, the introduction of Wendy the prostitute was interrupted when a non-actor tried to pick up actress Julia Minesci mistaking her for an actual prostitute. Great job costume and makeup teams!



Betsy Brandt pregnancy during the filming of season two coincided with the on-screen pregnancy of Skyler White. The producers would do pick-up shots with Brandt as Skyler's bare belly when they needed to.



Did you know that in the original pilot script, Jesse Pinkman was named "Marion Alan Dupree" and was always referred to by his last name? Thank god they changed that, Marion was not an intimidating name.

Blue Meth


Don't ask me how I know this, but pure quality meth is not blue but rather colorless. Seriously, stop looking at me like that. A friend of a friend told me, ok?

Fake Accent


Gus Fring is a Spanish speaker on the show but in real life, Giancarlo Esposito is in fact Italian. I always thought his Spanish wasn't that good, now I know why that was.