Incredible Hacks To Improve Your Productivity

If you are a procrastination queen or king and you want to improve your productivity this post is for you. Sometimes getting your work done sounds very exhausting but with this tips, you will find yourself doing a lot more in less time and with more energy than ever. Your boss will be very happy, and if you are your own boss, you will have more time to do other things you like! You can start facing procrastination by reading this post and finding out 50 ways of making the best of your time. Here you have 50 hacks to improve your productivity.


Plan your day the night before


You only need 5 minutes before going to sleep to plan the next day. If you list all the things you want and need to do and give them a priority, you will be a lot more organized.

Get the big rocks in


The big rocks are your tasks that are important but not urgent. When you are done with those, the smaller tasks will be easier and you will spend less time with difficult stuff.

Hardest task first


Inside the "big rocks" list, you must have one that will need a harder effort and you should do that one as soon as possible. With that out of the way, everything else becomes a breeze.



Multitasking is overrated, you should focus on doing one thing at a time. This way you will make every piece of the puzzle and get to the final product sooner than expected!



If you have a task that doesn't require much brain work (ironing your clothes, cooking an easy meal or things like that), you can fit in other tasks like listening to a podcast you like!

Ditch the unimportant.


If you have something that's not that important on your list you should remove it. Why focusing on things that you don't need to do? Don't waste your time and do the things that absolutely need to be done!

Use a to-do list


This tip is very important. Once you've written down the things you have to do, everything will be clearer in your mind. Using checkboxes on your to-do list gives you the satisfaction of ticking against the item when you are done with it.

Use a do-later list


This one is another gem. Sometimes there are things that demand your attention such as smaller tasks that are not that important, you should put them in a to do later list and when you finish with the main one, do these other ones.

Create your productivity system


There is no productivity system that works for everyone. The hack here is to try and create your own system that works for you. Once you've found it you will feel like your working life is better.



You have to be effective first, then be efficient. Effectiveness is doing the tasks that matter first and efficiency is about delivering higher output in lesser time. First, do the tasks, then do it quickly.

Quit procrastinating


This is difficult, everybody is at least a bit a procrastinator. Think about all the things you didn't do while you were procrastinating and have that in mind you'll check Twitter when you need to be working!

Use productivity tools


Yes, those tools actually exist and they help us be more productive. Apps such as Evernote and Sticky Notes are a quick way of making list and having access to important information.

Using hardware


Sometimes you need to invest to watch a better result in the end. A few examples of hardware which can improve productivity are personal organizers, 4G mobile phones, laptops, and iPods.



Meditation can help you clear your mind, calming your soul and bringing awareness to your priorities. With only 10 minutes of meditation per day, your focus will improve a lot!

Get a headstart


If you wake up early you will start off your day ahead of others. You should start doing your tasks 5 minutes earlier than estimated and you will be a step ahead of everyone!

Practice 80/20 rule


The 80/20 rule refers to the phenomenon where 20% of causes lead to 80% of the results. Don't be a perfectionist and focus on the 20% of the things that matter. This will improve your productivity to levels you can't imagine.

Clear your mind


When you have a clear mind, you can focus more on your tasks and level up your productivity. You need to clear out distracting thoughts and increase your mental freedom.

Be organized


Yes, this one's very hard for disorganized people but having an organized space will make everything easier. If you know where your things are, you can get to them faster and finish quickly.



If you can do it, delegate. Sometimes, your task can be better done by someone else and even in less time than you would have done it. If you work by yourself, you'll have to do all the work.



In this case, you are paying someone to do a task. You can hire someone to do work at a low price and you get a professional work done such as designs, photography, and others. And you are giving other people a job!

Cut out your distractions and eliminate time wasters.


Social media is our enemy, it makes you the less productive ever. If you don't have your phone close or your computer with a Facebook tab open, your work will be done better and faster.

Master your skills


You need to level up your skills to improve your productivity. For example, if you are a photographer, you have to know the functions of your camera and your graphics software.

Productivity periods


We all have times of the day in which we are more productive. For many, it's the morning and for others the late night. Once you know which is yours, you can schedule your hardest work to be done during that time.

Peak enjoyment


When you find the most enjoyable manner to get things done, you will get more work done than using any other method. You need to find a way of making your task fun and you'll do them in a blink of an eye!

Just do it.


If you have a task that can be done in 5 minutes or less, stop finding excuses and do it. Call someone, answer an email, those things are on your list and you can cross them out in a heartbeat.

Be well rested


Having a good night of sleep has a lot of benefits. If you sleep well and many hours you will have more energy the next day and that will increase your productivity.

Learn from the best


If you have to learn something new, identify the people who are the best in that and try to learn from them, understand the best practices they adopt and model their behaviors.

Search and reapply


You can learn new things from other people and businesses. Apply them to what you are working on if possible and you will find new things that can be good for your productivity.

Improvise, set a target and track your performance.


If you have a goal you have to reach sometimes improvising new tactics and tracking your performance is the best way of getting them done perfectly. If you meet your target, see how you can perform even better next time.

Read productivity materials


Productivity books such as David Allen's Getting Things Done and Timothy Ferriss' Four Hour Work Week will help you notice more things about your work and how it can be improved.

Create your life handbook.


A life handbook is a life manual where you store your purpose, long-term and short-term goals, strategies, plans, and other information on how to live your best life and work yours at your best level.

Bundle and batch similar tasks


If you put similar tasks together you will make the best of your time. For example, if you need to work on Project A, finish everything related to Project A in the same session rather than scattering them throughout the day.

Use the best tools.


Tools can make you faster and better at your job. Have always the latest version of the software on your computer or phone and make sure your internet connection is not slowing you down.

Reward yourself


With an incentive in mind, you will work even faster than usual. If you do this, besides the sweet feeling of completion, now you have something else to motivate yourself to work better.

Learn to say No.


If you are one of those people who can't say no and then has a lot of work more than you needed, please take into account this advice. Stand up for yourself and be able to choose what things you want to do.

Quit to win.


If things are not getting to where they were supposed to get, you need to cut it off on the spot. If you continue doing something that is already dead you are losing a lot of valuable time.

Create a conducive environment.


When you work in a good environmental, things are a lot easier. Make sure you are working in a personal space that motivates you and your productivity will increase in a blink of an eye.

Improve your posture.


Yes, your posture affects your productivity, and your health obviously. You need to get into a good posture and your attention span and productivity on your work will increase too.

Delete limiting thoughts.


If you get into your own head, your productivity levels will decrease. Having negative thought and feelings will affect your life and your work. You don't need all these things to hold you back.

Cut down on commuting time.


Commuting time is everybody's problem with productivity. Cut down on your commute by taking shorter routes, taking a cab, hitching a ride in someone's car, working from home, using a carpool, and you will feel a lot better.

Time box.


If you put time slots for your work you will take that time only to do that and you will focus a lot more on that task. With timeboxing, the non-negotiable cut-off timing makes you more productive.

Set a target.


When you set a target or goal, you have something to work towards. Make it a challenge that is achievable and you will be motivated to complete it faster than ever.

Set a deadline.


A deadline is like a time goal. Once you set a deadline, you will be more productive and motivated to finish your task a soon as possible. Try this hack and you'll see.

Keep your emails in check


Emails are important either if you work for someone or on your own. So make sure you are managing your emails well, you can use the Gmail or other apps to organize them.

Plan your task.


Planning is one of the most important things when you want to be more productive. A good plan facilitates your work by quantum leaps and will give you the boot you need to start.

Be on time.


If you arrive on time at work or meetings, you will finish them faster. When you follow your schedule correctly, everything follows its path and will be done in a heartbeat.



When you imagine that you have finished your task you feel that that surge of euphoria. With that energy in your body, do your work and complete tasks to make it happen.

Practice makes perfect.


If something doesn't turn out the way you wanted, all you need is to practice more. The better you are at it, the more you can do in the same amount of time.

Use overwhelming force


If a task is very difficult, blast all your energy and get it nailed down. Finishing it all at once is better than doing it at different times of the day, and also more rewarding!

Get a coach.


A good coach will help you with that you are struggling and bring your awareness to your blind spots, he or she will push you forward and open you up to new levels of productivity.

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