Incredible Hacks To Improve Your Productivity

If you are a procrastination queen or king and you want to improve your productivity this post is for you. Sometimes getting your work done sounds very exhausting but with this tips, you will find yourself doing a lot more in less time and with more energy than ever. Your boss will be very happy, and if you are your own boss, you will have more time to do other things you like! You can start facing procrastination by reading this post and finding out 50 ways of making the best of your time. Here you have 50 hacks to improve your productivity.

Plan your day the night before


You only need 5 minutes before going to sleep to plan the next day. If you list all the things you want and need to do and give them a priority, you will be a lot more organized.

Get the big rocks in


The big rocks are your tasks that are important but not urgent. When you are done with those, the smaller tasks will be easier and you will spend less time with difficult stuff.


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