If Friends Had Instagram

The great sitcom created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane aired its last episode in 2004. It wasn't until 2010 that Instagram was released and became a great internet sensation. What would've happened if Friend's characters had Instagram accounts to show their lives? Here are some of the funniest moments as if they were published online.



Ross’ alert


Ross: Just finished my instruction on this great technique. It's really useful to learn how the Unagi state of mind is done. And no, despite what others might think it is not a sushi type! #Unagi #StayAlert #NotSushi

Rachel come back


Rachel: Our friend Ross thought it would be funny to scare us shouting in the hall. That gave us the idea to teach him a lesson on this "important state of alert" crap. #Unagi #ItIsSushi #ThinkItTwiceRoss

Could I be wearing any more clothes?


Joey: Chandler messed with my cushions so I'm messing with Chandler's clothes. Could I be wearing any more clothes? I should probably mustn't start my work up and do some sit-ups… #Clothes #ComeBack #GiveMeMyCushions



Ross: An amazing afternoon with great friends. They helped me moving this comfy couch that the store wanted me to charge extra for the delivery. It was really hard work, but we'd finally decided to split it in half… ☹ #Pivot #Couch #BadLuck

He is her lobster!

red bubble

Phoebe: Today I taught my friends a really important lesson. Some people are meant to be together and they are like lobsters. Congratulations Ross and Rachel! #HeIsHerLobster #AnimalTruth #Lobsters #Love

​red bubble

rachel 9 kim

Ross: I've been looking this amazing sweater for weeks. Thank you, Monica and Chandler for keeping it for me, because it's a really expensive and comfy piece of fashion. #RedSweater #Fashion

The pregnancy test


Rachel: Happy to share this moment with my two best friends. I'm lucky to say that I'm pregnant with my first child that will birth in a friendly environment with this two amazing aunts. #Pregnant #Mother #Family #BFF

Poker Night


Monica: Aunt Iris came and taught us how to play this amazing card game. Now, it's time to teach the guys a lesson and make some extra money for the week. #PokerNight #ThanksAuntIris

The prom pose


Ross: I've looked into a box with old pictures and found this amazing one. What a way to carry a mustache and an afro hair. The 80s ruled! #80s #Afro #HairStyle #Style #TBT

The sad prom


Jack Geller: I was smoking in the garage and found this pretty old photo album. Inside, there was this moment I forgot about when Ross almost took Monica's friend to the prom. #Prom #MyRoss

I hate Rachel Club


Will Colbert: I finally reunited with my best man, Ross Geller, with whom we created the amazing I Hate Rachel Green Club in high school. Here's one from the time we told her how much we hated her #IHateRachelGreenClub #BFF

I love Monica


Chandler: This one's from the afternoon I was so sad that Monica actually used a turkey as a mask, put some glasses, a funny hat and danced for me. I think that was the time I realized how much I love her. #Love #Dancing #Thanksgiving

I’m over you (Instagram Chat)


Rachel: Hi Ross, you're probably sleeping right now, but I'm writing to say that I am over you. Yes, that's right, I'm over you. And that, my friend, is what you would call a closure.

You ate my sandwich!?


Ross: Monica prepared this exquisite turkey sandwich with her unbelievable moisturizer. Today I would have the greatest lunch break in work history ever! This is like the ultimate sandwich. #thanksgiving #thankyoumonica

The proposal


Monica: Happiest day in my life. Today, Chandler and I engaged after a really intense relationship that compares to no other I ever had. Thank you, Chandler. I love you! #Engagement

Just married!


Monica: Well, actually this is the happiest day of my life. Today we sealed the love we feel for each other in a celebration among all our friends. #ChandlerandMonica #Love #Wedding #JustMarried

Seven! (The actual drawing would’ve been better for an Instagram Story)


Chandler: So this is how this actually works. My friend Monica drew this funny doodle and explained every part of the S-E-X process. I'm not sure what the number 7 is pointing at…

The smallest stripper


Phoebe: Best bridal shower ever! We met this amazing little person called Officer Goodbody who came to our party and performed in a very artistic way. #FunTime #BridalShower #OfficerGoodbody

The selfie with Sting (that never happened)


Phoebe: Thank you, Ross, for taking me to the school and helped me to meet this music hero. Today I took this unforgettable selfie with Sting, that I would carry everywhere. #RossCan #Sting

No walk needed

comedy central

Joey: Why do you need to walk your baby when you can actually post a picture of him on Instagram!? Best idea for a chick magnet ever! #Babies #WeAreNotACouple #LittleBen

The great entrance

the midult

Chandler: I a fair and square bet we won Monica and Rachel's apartment. Ross was the judge on this Q&A contest in which we proved how much we knew them. #PleaseDoNotRuinMovingDay

The famous couch


Monica: A long time ago, I found a photo album that belonged to Nana and realized that we needed something like that with my friends. Here's the first of many friends pictures #Friends #BFF

The Holiday Armadillo


Ross: Yeah… it is not the best way to teach someone's kid about Hanukkah but all the Santa's costumes were rented. So here I'm as the Holiday Armadillo, looking for Ben. #HolidayArmadillo #Hanuhkah #TheMaccabees

Here’s Santa!


Chandler: Someone called for Santa? One picture of today's reunion with Ben and that weird lizard man. Merry Xmas everyone! What do you think of this picture Mon? #Xmas #SantaClaus

And Here’s Superman!


Joey: Here I'm dressed up as the Hanukkah hero. My friend, the Holiday Armadillo, told Ben how I helped the Maccabees when they were lost in the desert. #Xmas #Superman #HolidayHero

Easter Bunny’s funeral


Phoebe: Rachel and I crashed at Easter Bunny's funeral. I wasn't as sad as I expected. By the way, I understand the presence of Superman but never got why was a porcupine among the Easter Bunny's friends #EasterBunny #Funeral



Joey: Greatest game ever! I practiced the Bamboozled rules with my friends Ross and Chandler and we all agreed that this is how every other game must be. #Youvebeenbamboozled



Joey: Well… Ok… I can't decide. I think this might also be the greatest game ever. The big fireball. The idea I came up with while I was at the library. #Fireball

Ross tanned

pmc tv line

Ross: Yeah, I know… the artificially tanning system is really dangerous. And really hard to understand. Though I think this was a joke of an employee. #RossTan #WatchOut #ImMrHawaianTropic

Smelly Cat, the short


Phoebe: Today I released the very first video of my favorite song, Smelly Cat. I'm impressed with my voice; I didn't know that I can sing like this. #SmellyCat #TheVideo #Singer

The day on the studio


Phoebe: This one is a take from the day I went in the studio and recorded Smelly Cat. I still don't understand where all the voices came from, but I'm really confident about what's about to come. #Recording #Music

That odd kiss


Monica or Rachel: They don't know we know they know we know! I think we took this really far, but here's a proof of the commitment that Chandler and Phoebe can take for us. #IKnow

The cousin


Casie: I'm visiting my cousin Monica today. I wish nothing but the best for her future with that weird staring boyfriend of her. What was his name? #family #Monica #Cousins

The cardboard fort


Joey: Ross moved in today but he didn't take his things off the boxes. So we decided to build a fort and play for a little while. This is so fun! #Fort #BFF

The routine


Monica or Ross: Best day ever! We managed to call the attention of the producers with our enviable routine. I think mom and dad could watch us on TV! #TheRoutine #NewYearsEve

I like big butts and I cannot lie


Ross: I came with this idea that singing to Emma could make her laugh and Rachel took this so far. Rachel sang to her the lyrics of Baby got back… so inappropriate. #ILikeBigButts #SirMixALot

3D funeral

comedy central

Phoebe: Glad that I could organize my grandma's funeral. Here's a picture of Chandler and Joey enjoying this unique 3D experience. I love you, grandma! #Funeral #Grandma #3D #Family

Ross and Emily’s wedding (A way of asking for forgiveness)

the sun

Ross: Here's a picture of an amazing wedding that we had with EMILY in London. I can't wait to take her to Athens on our honeymoon and live the rest of my life with EMILY #ILoveYouEmily

Rachel and Ross’ wedding

square space

Rachel: I finally got married, yay! Ross and I went to this cute little church from Las Vegas and sealed our marriage. Hello Mr. Rachel! #Wedding #LasVegas #MrsRachel #MrRoss #JustMarried

Phoebe’s running


Rachel: Ok I don't know how to explain this to Phoebe, but the way she runs… Oh my god! It's so embarrassing. I tried to help her but my ankle twisted; I don't think I could ever run again. #Running

Ichiban Lipstick


Joey: Have you tried this amazing lipstick? No, no, don't get confused. Ichiban isn't a lipstick for women but it is a great piece of makeup for handsome men. #Ichiban #LipstickForMen

Scary Gladys


Rachel: Phoebe gave me this amazing piece of art that she called Gladys. I'm so sad it doesn't go with my apartment stuff and I have to sell it. I'm listening to your offers #Gladys #GreatArt

Bagpipe celebration

hello giggles

Ross: I took me so long but I'm finally starting to see the results of my efforts with the bagpipe. Of course, you will all see the results during Chandler and Monica's "celebration" ;) #Bagpipe #Scottish #Wedding #Celebration

Phoebe’s triplets


Phoebe: I'm so happy that I could do this for my little brother. Today Chandler, Leslie and Frank Jr. Jr. were born and my family got bigger. I know their aunt had a swimming pool but I'm still the favorite one #Triplets #Birth #Family

Joey the mermaid


Joey: Best nap ever. I woke up with this amazing rack and disguised as a beautiful mermaid. What a great day at the beach house! #Friends #BeachHouse #Mermaid #Sand #NapTime

I’m an actor!


Joey: I've been pursuing this dream my whole life. Finally, I can say that I'm a TV actor thanks to the great audition I did for Days of our lives. Say hello to Dr. Drake Ramoray #DaysOfOurLives #DrDrakeRamoray

Copa, Copacabana


Rachel: Barry invited me to his wedding with my former best friend Mindy, but since I have no hard feelings I sing Copacabana for them #JustMarried #Wedding #Copacabana #BarryandMindy #ALittleEmbarrassing

Frankie say relax


Ross: I finally got back my favorite shirt. Frankie say relax and I totally agree with this. Hope you can replace this amazing shirt, Rachel. You'll never see it again. #FrankieSayRelax

Joey’s canoe


Joey: It might've been a sad day for Joey and Chandler, they robbed us. But the bright side is this amazing canoe I could buy that fits really good in our apartment. #Canoe #JustBeenRobbed #FavoriteFurnitureEver

My sister is having my babies!


Frank Buffay: Yeah! We convinced her and she will carry my babies. Alice is so happy and that makes me even happier ☺ Thanks, Phoebe #ImGoingToBeAFather #ILoveYouAlice #MySisterIsHavingMyBabies #Babies #Family#Babies #Family#Babies #Family