Funny Wifi Names To Mess With Your Neighbors

Everybody loves to laugh at a good pun and everybody just loves good wifi names. This list has the best of both worlds. Fights, grammar nazis, songs and even threats are a few things you can put on your wifi name. We hope you can find a creative name here and do it some justice! But be careful if you are stealing other people's internet or they will passive aggressive send you a message through the wifi. Here you have the list of the best and funny wifi names to mess with your neighbors or customers, please enjoy this as we did!


IP Pun


Finding this wifi at a restaurant can be very funny. We love puns and that use of IP (Internet Protocol) is just one of the most clever things ever. LOL!

Using a stop and a parenthesis


This is a classic for male dorms and teens rooms but still make us laugh every single time. This wi-fi is also password free so if you are are interested in girl parts, you should use it!

Passive aggressive


This guy loves playing football in the yard, but just not his yard. This passive-aggressive wifi name gives a clear message, don't mess with this guy or girl and his or her lawn.

Virus Infected Wifi


This one is just clever, no one wants viruses on their computers so they better don't click on this wifi! The guy who named it this way is just a genius.

Not a friendly hotel


We think that hotels love getting guests and visitors from other countries, but not this one. This hotel just want the tourists to go home as is said in their wifi name.

Weird proposal


This weird and original proposal only works if your girlfriend lives near your house and can see your wifi. Maybe she can respond the same way! We hope she said yes.

A birdy neighborhood


What is going on with birds and these wifi names? We don't know who started it but we love it! If you move near these houses please pick a bird name and you will become one of them.



If you want your parents to use the right wifi, you should name it this way. But probably your neighbor's mom will try to use it as well. You should put her name the next time!

Hide your wifi


In some neighborhoods you just want to protect your wifi. Maybe this guy should put a password instead of naming his Wifi "Hide yo wifi". Or, he is just giving advice. We'll never know.

A different invitation


Do you like to party? In this wifi name, you can find an explicit invitation! Be careful if you use this technique to invite people or even the granny from the 3rd floor will be there.

A strange request


We thought this request was from some frat guys but was actually found at a retirement home! These men sure still love to party with some ladies. And give you free wifi!

Wifi battles


We love some wifi names battles. This guy was just tired of his musician neighbor and sent him a message with this name but the musician comeback was even better.

Or I call the cops!


This guy has to wifi networks and really knows how to use them. He put a request on the first one and a threat on the other one. We think this dog owner will make his dog stop barking!

Not free wifi


These guys just don't want others to use their wifi. If you want to move in this neighborhood just get your own internet source and don't mess with these men, they just seem angry.

Call me maybe


Remember when Call me maybe was a hit and every radio played it? This wifi name may be referring to the song or not. Maybe it's his hitting technique and it's working for him or her!

Hating the neighbors


This girl or guy just hates the neighbors. Maybe you shouldn't use this name if someday you need help from them or don't want them to get very upset. Or use it, we are no wifi police.

Hogwarts wifi


If you are a Harry Potter fan you should see this wifi name, we love it! This wifi is set at a secondary school, we think that not only ordinary subjects are taught there.

A presidential wifi


This one is for history lovers. This guy just put together politics and IT in the same wifi name and we are going crazy about it. The wifi at the White House should use this!

Sweets and candy


This wifi router owner must LOVE candy and sweets. Poor Christie, she is surrounded by sweets and may get a sugar rush! Maybe This guy or girl own a drugstore, that will be genius.

Go vegan? Or not.


Oh no, another vegan versus omnivores fight. This topic even got the wifi names. We don't know who started it but the other one just responded and the rivalry is still going.

God or Satan


Another argument that has been going on for decades: religious people and not religious people. But admit it, the satan one just won this fight, it's just hilarious. We love him!

For Star Wars fans


Who doesn't love Star Wars, honestly? These neighbors just put together the titles at the start of the film and made an incredible wifi names series. Maybe we SHOULD try this at home.

A start of a horror film


Or this is a hide and sick hint or this wifi name is just the start of a horror movie. Imagine reading that before going to sleep, it will give you the creeps. This guy is an evil genius.



Or this guy is super generous or is mocking their neighbors. Either way, we think is very funny to put "password" as a password, and also very dangerous, please don't do it.

Just a fact


If you want some facts, this wifi will give you one (you probably already know): Milk make the cookie wet. We don't know if it's a code or a tricky name but we are intrigued.

God is everywhere


Some wifi names are just religious and moral questions. The guy who put this name as his wifi name wants to approach internet stealers from their religious side. God only knows…

It worked last time


Some wifis don't work all the time. Luckily, this name will tell you how is it going, for instance, "It worked last time". We don't know what will happen the next time but take that into account.

Man and wifi


Funny how the Internet can marry two people. In this case, this wifi name declares everyone who reads it man and WIFI. This pun is hilarious and we can't get enough of it.

Fresh Prince of Bel-air


This one is just great. Every wifi owner just collaborated and the whole building came together to sing Fresh Prince of Bel- Air. Also, Dad's home is a bit funny too.

A conversation


This is just another conversation between two wifi namers. Who will win, the one touching the daughter or the one who says "Don't touch my daughter". We will never know.

An innuendo


This funny pun is everything we needed for this list. Every wifi name stands for something (protected with a password and unprotected/free without password) and we all know what that means.

More puns


Another funny pun for a wifi name. "You kids get off my Lan" can mean two things: to get off his LAWN or his wifi (LAN). We found both things hilarious and we want to have a lawn to give our wifi this name.

Fly wifi


This one sounds like a jingle. "Pretty Fly For a Wifi" rimes and seems like a hip-hop song. Maybe Drake should be looking at our list to get ideas for his new album.



Another great use of the word Linksys. As it has the word Link there, you can use it in almost every pun you want. This guy chose Zelda and we think is both clever and funny, especially for nerds.



This one is a genius. The name of his or her wifis are "Loading" and "searching" so you will never know if you connected or not. You can get in his or her trap really easily. We did...

Some Spanish


"Porque sí" is Spanish for "Just because". This dude is bilingual and just chose to name his wifi "Porque fi" and it's very funny. Maybe you should take some Spanish lessons so you can understand even more jokes.

Grammar police.


If you are a grammar nazi you will understand what it feels like correcting a mistake. This girl just couldn't resist and corrected the wifi below hers with "OMG" as her opinion. Good for her!

No free wifi


This iPod knows what's going on. You can try every password you can come out with but the answer is clear "No free wifi for you". Try with another wifi or just ask for the password but we think that will get nowhere.



Nerds will be nerds. Every nerd knows and loves Bill Nye and this is a wifi chain for him. Look at the one who also says "Science Rules", you can't get any nerdier than that honestly.

Every good wifi name ever


These guys put together almost every good name for a wifi ever! "I have wifi and you don't" is just bragging but "The banana stand" is a reference for Arrested Development fans. You can find anything here.


Another Grammar Nazi attacks. This guy doesn't care they are calling him (and everybody) a noob, he just wanted to correct the grammar and common mistake: you are instead of your.



Somebody must pay the rent. This wifi name is a passive aggressive message for him or her but it also can be a threat. Always pay the rent in time or this will happen to you!

They showed him.

Turn down for what! This guy just responded to the other one with his exact words and is so funny. He absolutely got his own damn internet, luckily for the other guy!



If you want more facts, you can find many in this wifi names list. This one is also complaining about the cost of the internet or just telling other people to pay for their own internet.

Not sure how they know that.


This wifi owner just wants to piss off the neighbors. How do you know that your internet is faster than the others? You just don't. But you'll name your wifi that way just to brag. Classic troll.

what is this about?


We don't understand what is this wifi name about but we still find it funny. Or that's why we find it funny. Either way, we are intrigued and demand to know the story behind the other cup!



This is another troll, probably a teenager. Apart from being rude, it has a spelling mistake (on purpose, or not) and really hit every mark. Please don't be this guy!

They probably know that already.


This passive-aggressive message will probably don't work. The dog owner already knows what his dog is doing and will not change anything, but thanks for trying, original wifi namer!

Aggressive aggressive.


This one is not even passive aggressive, is aggressive-aggressive! But really, those guys must be tired of Caitlin using their wifi so Caitlin if you are reading us please stop doing that!

I believe I can touch the sky!


Another pun genius. If you love music and especially the song I believe I can fly you should name your wifi like this and just enjoy the fun. R Kelly would be very proud.

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