Everyday Objects Arranged By Color That Will Make You Happy

If you ever feel like the world is a mess this post will be perfect for you. We may not be able to tell that there will be no longer hunger or sadness though we wished we could. But what we can do is give your inner organization freak a rest by showing you the most perfectly arranged things of everyday usage, by color and shape, to give you an instant relief and sense of great wellbeing. So if you are facing a messy day, a week or even a year, sit back and relax with this images that prove that the world can be in order.





Whoever owns this much amount of makeup products know for a fact that there is no way that they can be organized that well. Although this would come in handy when you are trying to find something.



This simple picture of five bananas looks so cool that we will not hesitate in putting it up as a painting: have you ever imagined one of the most popular fruits in the world looking this good?



For kids crayons are one of the most precious objects in the world: they provide the chance of a world of endless possibilities. Look how great they look cut and placed in a peculiar way.



Talk about Instagram food: look how perfect each piece of this deconstructed breakfast look and how all the colors and textures of each of the ingredients in the plate make this look flawless.



No, in case you were wondering there is no Photoshop trick to this picture (really, we promise): just a bunch of matches burnt in different lengths and places forming this beautiful triangular shape.



If you thought that burning matches in different amounts was tricky to get the perfect picture, imagine how much work it took to toast all these slices of bread to make a perfect colorimetry circle.



Life sometimes imitates art and sometimes, bread slices apparently imitate your kitchen tiles: look how perfectly each piece matches with its background, although I'm assuming that toast does not taste good at all.



if seeing things that fit perfectly colorwise makes you feel good and gives you some momentaneous comfort, you are in for a treat with this two tapes combined to get a third color.



Not even the trickiest origami you have ever seen can compete with this incredible paper cut work: the attention to detail and perfect ensemble makes this one one of our favorites. So simple and so complicated.



Who doesn't love waffles for a good breakfast in the morning? Possibilities of different toppings are never-ending. These four different kinds with fruits and chocolate not only look beautiful but also delicious.

Coffee foam


It wasn't until up to a few years ago that foam in coffees became a canvass for people to do art on: this ombré one is beautiful and we can't imagine how it was pulled off with such a perfect finishing.



If you are obsessed with ordering and organizing things, you are going to love this candy-inspired work of art: see how each one is not only carved flawlessly but also they fit together to create the square.



When you are a kid, leaves seem way more fun that when you grow up: either if you collect them or you just like stepping on a bunch of them. However, looking at them like this makes us see them as fun again.



Plastic forks and toothpicks sure remind us of a kid's birthday party, which makes them fun again but we wonder how someone came up with this cool idea with such simple and ordinary party supplies.



Have you ever seen an Oreo eclipse? I have never been able to keep them on the table and away from my mouth. Look how amazing each cookie was set to create this picture: cute and amazing.



Something as simple as lollipops became this wonderful picture: it's all about the colors and how much they were sucked on. Doesn't this photo make you crave some candy even though you haven't thought of these in years?



Last news was that straws are actually quite dangerous for animals and we should stop using them immediately. But looking at them cut and placed so perfectly in a glass makes un forget how evil they are.



If someone had told me that there was a way to create something artsy and worthy of being put up in a living room with q-tips, I wouldn't have believed it. But of course, this picture proves me wrong.



I have no idea how someone was able to organize each cereal depending on the color inside this bowl of milk without it losing the shape or color: Have you ever seen a breakfast looking so damn perfect?



We usually think in a bunch of coins as uncomfortable to carry around and much harder to pay with than bills, but there is a potential to coins that no other payment method have: the chance to create beautiful shapes like this.



Kermit the frog always said that it wasn't easy being green, but it kind of makes it much more appealing if all your green groceries are placed and chopped perfectly like in this picture. Don't they look great?



Someone probably has some loose screws if they had the crazy idea to use them to create this gorgeous pattern: something as pedestrian and ordinary as screws look completely different thanks to this setting.



Colorful toothpicks apparently are a great source of creativity if you put your mind to it: this three-dimensional picture looks amazing and the way the colors are perfectly arranged just gives us an enormous sense of well-being.



Classic pins with color tops are one of those things you probably have at home and never understood fully why: look at this inspiring idea on what they could turn into with some creativity and imagination.



Gum is one of those pieces of candy that usually seem boring because they are not as colorful or crazy shaped like other things in the drugstore, but check out how great this looks with just some creativity.

Molded wraps


If you thought that all you could do with cookie cutters was baking a batch of butter cookies for your friends, we have just discovered a new use: art. However, please do the cookies as well, because everybody loves them.



Apparently, matches have a whole lot of potential other than fire: see how this burnt matches combined with fresh new ones just taken out of the box can create this amazing shapes. That must have cost a lot of work.

Paper clips


This is a perfect idea for those days where you have to stay late at work and have no idea how to keep yourself entertained: office supplies can be great for creating little works of art if you put your mind to it.



I don't know about you, guys, but I would certainly consider having this pattern and a kitchen tile. Can you believe that all that was used for this was a bunch of q-tips organized and cut into different shapes? It's amazing.



Another crazy idea made entirely with office supplies that proves that when you add imagination to any regular object, great things can be created. Now we know why we can never find any staples when we need them.



Plastic disposable straws in different colors can build beautiful things like this: doesn't this pattern created just with patience and vision make you feel like everything is eventually going to be ok in the world?



This could be taken as an advanced lesson for people who are trying to use pins to build some art: this is perfect from every angle you look at, not only how the colors are placed but also how it creates a dimension from scratch.



Sliced bananas have never seemed so fun until now: see how each piece is cut and placed perfectly to create texture, dimension, and dynamics to this picture. We probably will never look at a piece of fruit the same way again.



This is simply amazing: by taking advantage of the cotton point on each of the q-tips, they managed to create a 3D picture that looks incredible and absolutely brilliant. Are you looking for some to play with right now? So are we.



Not that brown food needs more appeal since we are usually thinking of chocolate made stuff, but this perfect organization makes this so much more tempting: look at all those cookies and chocolate bars looking flawless.



Your kids, nieces, and nephews won't be able to get ahold of any of the crayons the next time you see them: the amazing things you can create with them that not necessary need coloring or drawing are extraordinary.

Fruit Loops


I have no idea which kind of job you have to have this much free time in the mornings and be able to create such symmetric and perfectly colored bowl of Froot loops instead of just throwing them in, but I envy you.



I never quite understood which was the fun of gathering little stones and shells when you are taking a walk on the beach, or what you are supposed to do with them after until I saw this picture: this looks beautiful.



This color organization picture style became a huge thing on Instagram in the past year and let's face it, we are all mentally thinking which of the things we own we could arrange by color for one of these. What do you own in silver?



If you have ever gone under one of those crazy diets that only allow you to combine your food by color, this may already look familiar to you: have you ever craved yellow food as much as you do now after looking at this?



People say that food has to be presented so beautifully that first of all, it's appealing to your vision: this plate proves that theory. Cabbage, bananas, carrots, blueberries, onions, and strawberries have never looked good together until now.



By combining different objects that were lying around the house such as matches, q-tips, pins, screws, and toothpicks the artist who took this picture was able to create a bunch of suns and stars in different colors and textures.



Very few things you can find in your kitchen can look as good as tiny colorful marshmallows: see how they are all so perfectly cut and ordered creating this beautiful pattern. Do you think they ended in a hot cocoa cup after they took the picture?

Play with food


One of the things kids hear more in their early years is how they are not supposed to play with food but wouldn't they try more things if they did? Cucumbers, bananas, and fruits look much more fun and appealing this way.



Whenever you are in doubt on what to eat, a sandwich is always a great idea. Not only this picture is fun and pleasant to look at, but this can be also an inspiration source for you to think what you will put inside your next sub.



I'm not sure how long it took the artist to cut and arrange all these Oreo cookies, but there is one thing I know for sure: after this, the first cookies people tried to grab are those with the most filling inside. it's always the case.



A box of pencils is a box filled with possibilities of creation: you can draw, color and create anything your imagination wants you to. But also, they can be great to create these type of fun patterns and pictures too.

Vitamin C


We have been hearing for years how important it is to always have a lot of vitamin C in our diets to prevent diseases and overall health discomfort. If you struggle with eating more of these, get tempted with this beautiful picture.

Gummy bears


Arranging gummy bears by color may be a sign for either one of two things: you are insanely creative and looking forward to creating something awesome like this,or you are incredibly bored and have lost wifi connection wherever you are.



Avocado carving has become a huge trend and it is not a surprise: not only this power food is filled with benefits for our health, but also you can cut it as easily as butter with no extra effort. Doesn't they look yummy?