Parenting Fails

Being a parent could be an extremely fun job. However, it would probably reach a point where you won't know what else to do with an extremely annoying kid. Those would be the moments in which a kid would make you feel really tired and would take all the energy you had left on your tank. At that point, you would probably start to make stupid mistakes and commit the most dangerous mistakes. All of them, caught by the lens of a camera could become the memes of tomorrow and a great way for kids to blackmail you if you don't do as they say. Here are a few of the best epic parenting fails from the internet.

thumb press

You won't get wet. Don't worry kiddo, you won't get wet when we ride the bike. I have the best way to cover you from the rain and that is also a real safety hack.


epic pix

First things first. Don't you dare to cry. The fall wasn't that hard for you. It's a really awkward moment for me, that I'm really busy talking on the phone with my friend Janice.


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