Epic Kitchen Fails

How many times did you try to make dinner and fail miserably? If you feel identified by that, you should see this list and feel better about yourself! We have here some terrible cooking fails, awful cakes, cupcakes and even toast that didn't turn out to be what the person cooking them expected. These people will pay more attention the next time they are following a recipe or the will buy the final product directly. Here we listed for you 50 cooking fails you need to see before putting your hands to work and making anything in the kitchen. Be careful!


What the hell


Those cookie bears look adorable… if you know how to make them. This person tried to copy those cute cookies but these bears look terrifying and they will haunt your dreams.

Rice Bear


That dish looks very difficult to make and the other photo proves that. That man tried to copy that recipe but end up with a demon lying under a raw blanket.

Chocolate Hedgehog Cake


We love hedgehogs and cake so what's better than a combination of them? This attempt at making a chocolate cake with the shape of a hedgehog was just awful. Yikes.

Pretty Cat


That cat doesn't seem to care that the cake doesn't look like him. Those eyes are super creepy but the cake actually looks delicious and we want to try some!

Croissants For Breakfast


Croissants actually have a pretty easy recipe, but this woman just couldn't follow it that well. Maybe the flavor is the same but the shape looks like a crusty bread after 2 days of being in the fridge.

How Cute


This person didn't even try. That thing was supposed to be a bear but turned up to be a horrible monster made of broccoli. We think that nobody would ever eat that.

Spongebob and Patrick


Spongebob and Patrick never looked so bad. This girl really tried but her cookies turned out to be a total fail. At least we can hope that they were tasty and somebody ate them.

Creepy potato


How that thing turned out to be a potato? Imagine how many hours that poor potato was in the oven to burn like that. And we thought that nothing could go wrong with potatoes.

Not even close


That panda looks almost impossible to make. At least this man tried and made an effort but honestly we don't know what happened. We still love oreo so we will have 3 of that, please.

So close..or not


Cupcakes are awesome if you find great ideas for toppings. This one looks really nice and easy but it can turn very creepy in a second if you make them that way.

A Santa Shaped Bread


A Santa Claus shaped bread seems like a great idea for Christmas, but be careful or it will turn out this way. This Santa is super creepy and will actually scare the kids!

Elmo Fail


Every kid loves Elmo and would love an Elmo cake for his or her birthday, but not like this… That Elmo on the right of the picture seems like he is exploding and covered in blood.

Kill Me


Imaging having a cute cat egg for breakfast. It sounds amazing...if you know how to do them without making a mess. This cat's eye looks delicious but we know that it wasn't meant to be this way.

Dragon Cake


That cake looks like a masterpiece, even a professional cook would have trouble making it so why do this if you are just an amateur? We recommend not even trying this!

Blueberry explosion


What happened here? That blueberry looks like bugs on your ice. We have no idea how this turned out to be a cooking catastrophe if it didn't even involve an oven.



What are those things? If they were meant to be macarons we have no clue how they end up that way. They don't even look tasty! Better luck the next time.

Stained Glass Cookies


Those heart shaped cookies look adorable but almost impossible to cook. That brave woman tried and failed miserably but we appreciate her attempt. You go, girl, next time they will be better!

Puppy cake


The second pic doesn't even look like a dog. Does it have a flower instead of a nose? We don't even know what was that supposed to be but it's hilarious.

Yummy Cupcakes


The first cupcake looks adorable but the second one looked like it was taken from a horror film and will haunt you forever. We know this person tried but we don't think that this cupcake is eatable.

Perfect Teeth


We don't even know that the "expectation" picture is supposed to be. Apples and marshmallows? We don't know, but we are sure that the reality one was a complete fail.

Smiley Face Fries


Those "smiley" faces are really creepy but we would eat them anyways. This type of fries comes pre-cooked so we have no idea how this happened. Maybe she or he should start with normal fries.

Merry Christmas


What is that? If that is supposed to be a cupcake Santa Claus, it is a major cooking fail. It looks more like a monkey than the good man that brings everyone presents!

Birthday cake?


That "expectations" Minney cake looks adorable and yummy, but the real one just looks like a trashy Disney character that no one knows. It doesn't even look like a lady mouse!

Banana Penguins


Chocolate covered bananas are a healthy way of making your kids eat fruit, but it can turn very wrong. We think that no kid would ever eat that, despite it has a lot of chocolate.

Olaf Quesadillas


Do you wanna build a snowman? Frozen was a huge success and everybody just wanted to make things that look like Olaf, even quesadillas! But this Olaf looks like he melted.

Bunny Rolls


Aww, bunnies are just too cute, and bunny rolls are everything we've ever wanted… but if they look like the first pic. That shapeless thing can't even be named as a bunny honestly.

Rainbow Heart Cookies


Rainbows are everywhere now, especially in food! Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes have been filled with all the colors of the rainbow. These cookies just look like a unicorn barfed on them but still are delicious!

Grooms Cake Disaster


This couple just wanted a different cake for their wedding but they just got a cooking fail. It has nothing in common with what they ordered and it doesn't even look tasty.

Halloween Themed Cupcakes


This is another cupcake catastrophe. If you want a zombie-themed cupcake just do everything this person didn't do or avoid all of these mistakes or your friend will laugh at you.

Peppa Pig Cake


Peppa Pig has become one of the most popular cartoons ever and kids just love her, but if you are trying to do a Peppa Cake just avoid making this. Your kids will end up crying.

Foxy cake


The only thing that is right in this pic is the oreo as the nose, the rest of it is just a fail. What is its skin made of? We don't even want to know or eat it, it looks disgusting.

The Force Awakens


That toaster looks awesome and you may think that nothing can go wrong with a star wars toast but you are mistaken. We don't know how they did it but it just turned out as a fail.

A Halloween disaster


In this one, even the Oreo hat looks wrong. For the next Halloween party, this person better buys the snacks instead of making them because it was a total disaster.

My Birthday Cake Attempt


This cake for UK lovers is just for cooking experts. That attempt was a total fail and she should just print the UK flag and put it on top of the cake instead of trying to make this.

A Creative This Christmas


What the hell happened here? We don't even know what we are looking at, it doesn't look like a snowman at all, and that nose just gave us the creeps! Not cool.

Not Good At Frosting


Frosting is a skill only a few people have, so if you know that you are terrible at it please don't even start trying. These cupcakes were a total cooking fail for this girl.

Guitar Cake


That first cake is perfect for guitar lovers but the second one will make Landen quit his guitar lessons. That guitar looks like an instrument babies make when they don't know how to use their hands.



Everything that involves chocolate and bananas is just impossible. This man confirmed our theory that only professional can make that without making a mess and an inedible dessert. Not today, Satan.

Devilled Egg Chicks


Those eggs look super complicated and we value that person attempt but admit it was a total cooking fail. That chicks look smashed and not even the carrot legs can make them look good.

Paint Splatter Cake


This one is for artists. If you want to make a paint splatter cake you have to make the cake first and if that goes wrong then you've ruined it. Just like this girl did.

Kinder Egg Cake


That kinder egg cake is not that bad, but comparing to the original one it looks like he took too much coffee. Also, we can see that toothpick holding the cup.

Don’t try this at home


Wow, that thing looks like something that came from a cemetery. That pie was in the oven for so long that it needs to be studied by anthropologists to know what was it before it died.

Nailed It!


That olive mountain just looks gross. This person didn't even look at the original pic and follow the steps, he or she just put olives and mayo and that was it.

Unicorn Of The Sea


Aww, we love unicorns and that first pic is just adorable. But what about the other one? We think we haven't seen an awful unicorn till now. It even looks evil!

Finger Cookie


Those fingers are the perfect snack for Halloween or a horror films marathon! But this person just tried to do them and failed miserably, they don't even look like fingers.

Dinosaur Cake


Making a dino cake seems hard but not impossible. For this guy it was, that thing is not a dinosaur, it looks more like a turtle and Squirtle. Maybe his son was a pokemon fan.

Green cake


This one was probably a designer work. Designers love color scales but some of them are not great in the kitchen. This was a fail for this guy, maybe he should go back to his computer.

Spinach Cups


That spinach looks like Shrek's vomit honestly. No one would ever eat that, not even people who actually like spinach. This was a total cooking fail, like the ones we love.

An Exorcist Swan


This wasn't that bad, at least she tried! The placing of the apple pieces is not great, this swan looks like the exorcist or a demon with its head looking to its back.

Decorating A Nice Birthday Cake


This woman wanted a pretty design with flowers for her birthday cake but she ended up messing up the whole thing. We hope that thing is eatable and she didn't need to throw it away!

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