Epic Fails At Work

Everyone wants to get a job in order to pay the rent and all the vices they're in to. However, working doesn't seem an activity suited for each and every one of those candidates. Most of them tend to commit rookie mistakes that put them on the spotlight and leave them pending in a string, just one step behind being fired. But there others who are really perseverant and hard workers that don't get fired because of their mistakes if not by their massive stupidity. Here are a few great examples of people who have worked really hard in their jobs but they couldn't fulfill the expectations of their bosses.

That would take a while

ebaums world

That sad moment when you flat a tire and you don't have the proper tools to fix that problem. In fact, time is ticking out, you are on schedule and you can't waste it.

Do as I say, but not as I do


The message is pretty clear, but I think this guy isn't much of a reader. Those are the kind of stairs that tend to bend so good luck, buddy. We'll see you at the hospital.



So you need to look down in that hole but you forgot the stairs at work? Don't worry, there's always a good colleague that could help you to fulfill your task.

The sky is the limit


I'm thinking that the truck wasn't high enough so the driver couldn't see the "Stop" sign in front of him. Once he saw it was already too late and he regretted the bad driving.

It’s done!


Flight safe my friend. Are you planning vacations in Europe and you wanted to fly from country to country? Here are a few good pictures of technicians fixing your transport.

Don’t you ever fall asleep


There's no way in the whole world that this prank could end up well. That ridge is a little steep and the guy on the wheelbarrow isn't really prepared for the fall.

What were you thinking?


The driver probably saw the bridge like a mile away but he didn't worry about the possibility of getting stuck with the truck. How tall did you think this bridge was, dude?

Don’t you ever think of that

ebaums world

This silly prank probably ended up in the hospital with a new hole in the body and a deep cut on one (if not both) of his legs. Didn't they think it was a pretty dangerous prank?

Nice diving


So many ladders and the only thing he could think of was this really stupid system for fixing the ceiling? We are hoping the swimming pool is dept enough so it won't hurt him.

This can’t be real


How is this guy looking at the bottom of that puddle? The water is too brown to open your eyes when you're deep in the mud. Please tell me this was a silly accident.

It was too windy


Maybe the truck driver didn't count on the power of the wind and when he realized it, it was already too late and he had to call the assistance in order to get back in the road.

A Miley Cyrus fan


Maybe he is a really big fan of Miley Cyrus and really liked her Wrecking Ball video. However, he's wearing too many clothes for this interpretation of that great music video.

Bad delivery


And that was the last time that guy hired UPS for delivering a package. How can they forget to put away that big box? How did they close the door?

It’s like a trend


So are you planning to make the whole delivery process without closing the doors of the truck? Or are you just leaving a trace in order to found your way back home?

Don’t you think of getting up


The guy deep down into the hole is praying for his colleague to no stand-up. There is no way in the whole world he could survive to the fall if he lands on his head.

Great system


The important thing is that the driver doesn't speed too much because he could lose a worker or two. It is one of the greatest raking systems I've ever seen.

They’re daring you


The one employee who made this happen is daring the customers to pass by that gate. Is there a price for the one customer that gets hit by all those trays?

The one thing you had to do…


You dedicate your day to label things, so how could you mistake a fruit with a vegetable? And for the worst, how could you mistake a watermelon with a pack of corn?

When you wash the truck with hot water


The one reason to not wash your things with hot water is that it trend to shrink your stuff. This reason wasn't in the mind of the whole firemen from the fire station.

They said it was urgent


So the electric pathway was asking for a technician that could fix it? Now it needs two of them, or maybe three. How couldn't he stop a car that is really really slow?

Grab me!

inspire fusion

Buying a ladder was a thing way out of their budget. Instead, they chose to hire a duet of men that could hold each other from the roof in order to fix the sign.



How are those geniuses expecting their members to climb those stairs? I can't think of a word that could describe correctly this group of people that failed this bad with the entrance.

Way too confident


This man was way too confident about his weight and the capacity of this air conditioner to resist him. It is too high to survive a fall like that, man!

They won’t notice

daily quenchers

They were spreading the billboard when they realized they did it wrong. It was too late to change it so they left it like this and wished no one notice the mistake…

The replacement


This guy is wishing his boss doesn't realize his absence. I'm not sure if the dummy he built is really enough to fool him in order to keep his work.

You pressed the wrong button


Ehm, man, I'm sorry to bother but you pressed the wrong button and now it is a mess. We'll have to pick up all the trash again and put it back in the truck. We hate you.

Bad breaks

legendary list

This trucker is now killing for a nice device that could help him parking in reverse. Something like a good camera that can prevent him from making this mistake again.

Good math


Will you hire an employee with this kind of wit? Or are you thinking he would actually effort like this during the week? But could you blame him? How much are you paying?

Don’t wake him up


He found the best place to sleep at work. The cubicle helps him hiding from his bosses and it has the right space so he can lie down almost stretched.

They don’t care about living


The guy that climbed that ladder really trusts the strength of his co-worker. But his co-worker thinks it's better to look and smile at the camera for a picture than holding the ladder steady.

Challenge accepted!


Do you consider yourself a great skater? Why don't you earn a few bucks by skating and mowing the lawn of the entire neighborhood? You could pay your vacations with your friends!

How can they be this stupid?


The guy holding his coworker is resisting the weight of his partner but also the weight of the machine. It is impossible to fall and get no scratch with this stupid idea.

Bad architecture, Good advice


The architecture who designed this building wasn't really thinking when he finished the work. However, people from the building were clever enough to prevent accidents and alerted the visitors to stay away from that door.

Are you an idiot?

noticias tu

Maybe this guy was trying to get the insurance and wasn't so worried about losing a leg. In fact, he has two of them so why would you care, man?

That’s not how it works


In order to get a nice picture for their social networks, the whole office approved this stupid idea. Isn't that place supposed to be for dangerous things? Well, maybe he's a dangerous stupid human being.

Safety first


I'm not sure about how much he can see with the bucket in his head. But I'm certain that safety isn't a concern for this worker that has no issues with losing an eye.



-You have to create an offer impossible to reject. -Don't worry boss, I gotcha. What were these store workers thinking about when they come with this idea? Are people falling for this?

They needed to charge their phones


This would probably happen when you have to work in a crowded office with only one socket in the wall. I dare all of you to touch that wall that must be on fire, near a nice and clean short circuit.

He doesn’t read


The only explanation for this is that the drive doesn't read. The letters from both signs were huge and with colors that can help you read them from very far!

Don’t you play with gravity

favo gram

The guy is working at a bike shop and doesn't seem too worried about the possibility of meeting the consequences of gravity. How much strength do you need to be on that bike?

Safety first, Part II

lol riot

This guy probably doesn't have any idea about the consequences of electrocuting. In fact, he was entertained enough to watch the camera and smile for the picture they were taking.

Wow! They have guts!


Or maybe they just don't worry about getting out of there alive. Who was the great and clever mind who thought a few bags and stones could hold two bodies hanging from a building?

They had to warn me


He was just taking the bobcat to the working place but no one warned the driver about the bridge he had to cross. Now it's too late to complain about his driving skills.

Safety first, Part III


This has to be just a prank, and this must even have no water at all. I was going to blame a Photoshop worker but the shadow of the pipe it's too perfect to be faked.

How often do they clean?

bad dog needs rotten home

When they decided to run a balloon store they never thought of the ways of cleaning the place. How often do they try to get down all those balloons from the ceiling?

Don’t worry, it’ll hold


Who was the clever gut that convinced the owner of that boat that this tiny bobcat could hold the weight of the ship? Now they are looking for another tow to get the truck and the boat of the water.

Illegal gambling


The pet store wasn't too crowded and all the employees decided to run a great race and bet on it. Who would you put your money on, the turtle or the rabbit?

What could go wrong?

crazy daily content

So they needed to cut a piece of wood. What could possibly go wrong with this magnificent idea? They improvised a working table and I think they wouldn't regret this.

When you are a show-off

tractor videos

The driver of this truck was trying to impress his girl and things went crazy from one moment to the other. Now he's regretting all the things he'll have to pay.

Are you always late for work?


The perfect idea for all those who tend to sleep 10 extra minutes and always are late for work. Just grab a few pin nails and spread them all over the snooze button.