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For all those cat owners this isn't news. But If you're thinking of getting one for your house, I'd recommend to take a look to all this 50 cute kittens (let's keep it clean, they ARE cute) that chose to bother their humans in very peculiar moments of their days. Cats doesn't know a thing about private moments, private places and private… well, let's say... behaviors. They will be there with you every damn hour of the day. Just like having a baby. Or worse, because these babies can climb, meow, run, bite, and open doors. Take a look at these amazing cats.



Hey you!


So you think that now is a great time to work on your computer? Well, I don't think this cute kitten agrees with you and wants some attention from you instead.

They told me it’s warmer here


Time for my morning routine in the bathroom and the ideal moment for this little kitten to try out the myth that he listened to other cats. Is it really warmer?

I can’t find you, human, where are you?

bored panda

Shhh… I don't think this cat realized where his human actually is. Of course, I don't think is his owner is happy with this quick hide and seek game in the house.

I want to learn human anatomy


I heard you were getting red for a nice hot tub. You thought of a nice relaxing time but I think otherwise: why don't we use this time for learning about the human body?

Reading is boring


You're feeling tired. This book is really boring you. And you know what? Your favorite character dies on the next page! Why don't you stroke me instead and quit this stupid novel?

Who said it’s time to work?

bored panda

So your plans for Today include a new BBQ and you are just setting the ground for this? Well, I think this is my opportunity to prove you how comfy your back is.

Brush my teeth, please


I know you care a lot about your mouth health, but I think it's time for you to think about mine too. Why don't you let me try this great brushing system with my tiny teeth?

What did you just said?


Excuse me, human? Did I hear you threaten me with reducing the size of my food plate? Are you sure you want to open that door? Yeah, I didn't think so…

What? I like Tolkien too

bored panda

I saw the movies and I think it's time for me to read the original book of Frodo and the gang. Can I read with you? I promise I will be quiet and won't bother you in any way.

This can go to your Purrstagram account


So you guys ready? Time for this amazing selfie in the bathroom that would get lots and lots of likes in your purrstagram accounts. Just stay still for a little while.

This part of your body is really cold, I’m taking care of it

bored panda

Yeah for you is summer time and online gaming time. But I think if you don't take care of your body temperature you will suffer the consequences. In this case, I will warm up your wrist.

I saw the first kitty and wanna try the same


Would you like to play a short pick a boo game? I just saw the first kitten and wanted to try the same thing with you and this comfy computer.

iPad time has ended


I know you think otherwise, but your iPad time has reached its limit and it's time for stroking the cat. I'm helping a little with this by just getting closer to your hands.

Can we play?

bored panda

The last time we asked you to play and you fooled us saying that we were already playing. This time we want to be sure that you get our point and you share the PS with us.

Please stop studying, you gonna fail anyways


This little kitten is trying to prove to his human that there's no point in studying harder. "Please human, pay me attention, you're gonna fail this test anyways and you know it!"

I’m not disturbing your writing


Common human, I'm too tired of arguing with you. I'll just lie down for a little while here while you finish your homework. I'm sure you can write a little further from this edge of the book.

I love riding in the car

bored panda

I told you I wasn't sure about going around town in this car, I'm not comfortable with your riding. Please get back home, I'm just two blocks away from scratch your ear with my nails.



Hello human, I know you're a little busy reading but I think it's time for less kindle and more kitten. What do you say? Can you stroke my head a little while?

You got me!


Counter-terrorists win. You got me human. Just let me lie down here for a while because these keyboards are giving me the best massage ever of my seven lives.

I just saw Psycho

bored panda

purr purr purr purr… Sorry, I'm just trying to hum the Psycho music; I didn't mean to scare you. I promise next time you won't see me. Just keep washing your parts

What!? I like hair…


So no one is perfect. In fact, this black and white cat has an issue with human hair. He just loves climbing bodies and chewing their hairs for a little time.

You left the room, I thought you weren’t coming back


So you just went to the bathroom for a little time? Well, I'm sorry I thought you weren't coming back and now I'm too comfy to leave this book bed I improvised.

I can hide you


Are you looking for a mask to hide your identity the next time you go out to fight crime? Here's a nice idea for Catman mask. No one will ever find out your true identity.

We know all your secrets


Hi human, don't try to kick us out of the bathroom. The twin kittens have found about all your secrets and we know you will do anything to keep them in the dark…

It is your fault; you were here for like half an hour

bored panda

Why would you blame me for finding a nice napping spot? You were seated here for like half an hour and I think now it's not the time to leave this room.

Can we order some Chinese?


I know you're pretty busy typing on your computer and you have an awful deadline. But did you think about dinner? How about we order some Chinese and eat in bed?

Keep quiet, human

bored panda

You started it, you know how I love mice and you keep moving this one so… Well, and your arm suddenly turns into a really nice bed, hope you don't mind about it.

It’s warm in here


I know you are trying to finish your work but you know how cold it's outside and this notebook has the warmest set of keys. Just let me warm up for a while and I'll be gone.

It’s trending


Are you deciding what to wear the next time you go out? You can't find the best outfit and you need a nice hat? Why don't you give a try to this cat? It's like a hat but with a C.

I’m nervous

bored panda

I know you don't like me chewing your clothes, especially your favorite T-Shirt, but I've heard a noise downstairs and I couldn't help it. I'm too nervous, I don't want to die!

That Emma Stone look


I want to try my luck with the Oscars too. Here I'm both hiding and practicing my one Emma Stone look. Then I'll might try the ones from the Zoolander movie.

I like it when you pee


I just heard you were going to pee and I really like that time of the day. Please let me nap on your legs for a while and don't get up too soon.

Where do you think you are going?

bored panda

Don't make a move, human. You're my purrsoner right now and you will serve me as my bed for the rest of the day. I'll advise you to sleep for the rest of the evening.

I’m dirty…


Stop relaxing in the tub. I've been saying to you since yesterday that I need a quick bath, I'm too dirty to continue with my activities around this big house.



You were playing with this stupid XBOX the whole evening; I think it's time to sleep for a while so we could wake up with energies for dinner later this night.

Are you breaking up with me?


What did you mean when you told me to go away and leave you alone? Are you breaking up with me? Please don't leave me, I promise I'll be quiet and let you study.

We wanted to check our Facebooks

bored panda

Sorry for the inconvenience but we needed to sign in our Facebook accounts and check the relationship status of a cat from the neighborhood. We'll finish in half an hour.

So this is what human always talks to his friends about…


Sorry human but I needed to find out what your boyfriend always talks about with his friends. I think his right, it's really nice to take a nap in this part of your body…

Let me read or I’ll eat all your books

bored panda

So you still think you can forbid me the reading time? Well if I can't you'll can't too. I will eat every one of the pages in this stupid book that you consider more important than me.

I told you I’d rather see Catdog


I know you love this stupid show, but we saw it last night and it's my turn to choose what to see tonight. Why don't you stream the last season of Catdog for me, please?

I won’t sleep, I promise


Just do your work, I promise I won't disturb you nor fall asleep in this place. But you know how tired I'm after chasing that stupid fly all day long…

It’s cat language time


Don't take this purrsonal, but I think Spanish lessons are over and it's time to learn some Cat Language. Whenever you're ready, I'll start with lesson number one, the meaning of Miau.

Let’s try a selfie

bored panda

Grab your phone so we can't make a selfie. I've heard that what's trending nowadays is a crazy look with your tongue outside your mouth. Common, hurry, this is my best selfie face!

Do you want some toasts?


Well, I first came here to eat the crumbs of your last toasts but I've found this is an amazing spot for a nap. Please promise you won't turn it on in my sleeping.

Let me spread my legs

bored panda

This bed is big enough, just lean a little to the other side so I can spread my legs and be comfortable. Please don't wake us until dinner time. PLEASE.

Paint me like Jack in Titanic


I know you love painting a lot. Well, why don't you give it a try and paint me like Jack did with that lady from Titanic? I promise I'll stay still for you.

Hug me!


You always hug everyone else but me! It's my turn for one of your hugs. And, well, if you don't care, I'd love to take a short nap over your chest.

I’ll sleep here till I turn into a fat cat


If you don't mind, I'd love to take my naps in this comfy spot. At least while I'm not a fat and ugly cat. Please ration my food in order to keep this great figure.

You told it was the last game ☹

bored panda

Human, why did you lie to me? You told me an hour ago that it was your last solitaire game and then you would stroke me till I was asleep. Liar liar pants on fire!

It’s a lie, I don’t smell bad. Check out!


People are spreading the word. They're saying that my butt smells really bad, but I clean it every hour of the day. Why don't you take a look and help me with this hygiene problem?