Best Movie Soundtracks

What makes a great movie even better? A great soundtrack. These soundtracks will make you sing, dance and cry. In this list, you can find a lot of movies from the 80s with some epic tunes. Scorsese, Tarantino, Edgar Wright, Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola are a few examples of geniuses that know how to put the perfect song at the perfect time on a film. Some of the songs on these soundtracks are hits that will make you think instantly of a movie or scene. Go and take a look at the list we made for this breathtaking soundtracks and listen to some of their songs.





This dramedy about a teenager (Ellen Page) getting pregnant has a great soundtrack. Iggy and the Stooges, Kimya Dawson and the Kinks are just a few example of indie bands and singers that brings the movie alive.

The karate kid


"You're the best" from Joe Esposito, "Desire" from Gang of four and "No shelter" from Broken Edge really makes Karate kid the great movie it is. New wave music is always a hit with this kind of movies.

Space Jam


The soundtrack of Space Jam contains hit after hit from the 90s. You can find anything you need to enjoy a movie on this soundtrack: Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa.



If you loved grunge in the 90s (and still do) then you should definitely listen to Angus' soundtrack. Green Day and Weezer are bands we listen to nowadays that made awesome soundtracks.



This movie is about love, kindness, and forgiveness. This story was brought alive by the soundtrack: Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Elton John and U2. Who wouldn't fall in love with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom?

Times Square


This underrated NYC 80's movie is a must-see or at least must-listen-to. Allan Moyle's coming-of-age punk rock movie is everything we needed. From Talking Heads to The cure and Patti Smith this soundtrack is a gem.

Stealing beauty


This 1996 movie starring Liv Tyler has one of the best soundtracks we've ever heard. Mozart, Mazzy Star, and Nina Simone accompany the poetry in the movie, but when the mood breaks, Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" will make you sing out loud.

500 days of Summer


This soundtrack puts the movie together. Regina Spektor, The Temper Traps, Hall and Oates and, of course, The Smiths helps you follow this different love story and its protagonists (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel).

The lost boys


We can't imagine a better way to musicalize a Tim Capello shirtless scene than with the song "I still believe". You can also find in this amazing soundtrack Echo and the Bunnymen covering The Doors "People are Strange".

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


I'm in lesbians with you. Everybody loves Scott Pilgrim vs the world but what makes it even more special is the soundtrack. Beck, Radiohead and Broken Social Scene are just a few bands that will make you wanna rock and roll.

American Pie


A 1999 classic you can't picture without its soundtrack. It has all kinds of late 90's alternative rock that will make you feel eighteen again. Blink 182, Duke Daniels and Bic Runga, what else do you need?

Love and basketball


Every high school sports film has an iconic soundtrack. Love and basketball is no exception, the soundtrack reflects changes in intensity and era without losing the thread of frustrated romance.

The breakfast club


Don't you forget about me! We can't listen to that Simple Minds' classic without picturing Judd Nelson crossing the football field and pumping his fist as he conquered the girl.

American Beauty


Yes, American Beauty stands out for its photography, everyone remembers that stunning scene with the rose petals, but its soundtrack is also a gem. With Elliott Smith, Bill Withers and The who, no one can deny this is a hell of a soundtrack.

Shaun of the dead


Director Edgar Wright knows how to create a scene and pick its music as he delivers a great soundtrack after another great soundtrack. Shaun of the dead has a zombie fighting scene with Queen's Don't stop me now playing in the background.

Midnight Cowboy


This 60s movie is an oldie with an ambitious soundtrack. It has country, folk, rock, pop: music genres for everyone that takes the movie to a whole new different level.

Top Gun


Top Gun has one of the best and memorable soundtracks from the 80s. Berlin's "Take my breath away" is an iconic song from the movie, you can almost see young Tom Cruise falling in love.

Marie Antoinette


This Sofia Coppola anarchist take on the last french queen pre-revolution features a great underrated soundtrack. With New Order, Bow wow wow and The Radio Dept you can't deny you need to listen to it right now.

Where the wild things are


Warner Bros gave director Spike Jonze $100 million of studio money to make one of the saddest and deep films for children. The soundtrack, by Karen O and the Kids, brings this masterpiece alive and gives it emotion.



This movie soundtrack features the best 90s R&B songs. From Martin Lawrence to Boyz II Men, Tisha Campbell, TLC, Chris Rock and A Tribe Called Quest, you will want to stop the film and dance.

Pretty in pink


Pretty in pink is another Molly Ringwald's 80s classic. Its soundtrack is breathtaking as "If You Leave" a chart-topping hit and introduced quite a few young Americans to New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Cruel Intentions


The soundtrack of this movies helps to build the scene and to bring it to life. Britpop and Alternative rock are the stars of the film and The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony is the perfect ending.

Apocalypse now


This movie was director Francis Ford Coppola big blockbuster. The soundtrack really gives emotion to the many flashbacks that are a big part of the film. There's nothing better than The Doors' "The End" playing over a montage of destroyed forests and charred battlefields.

Spring Breakers


This may be not the best movie you'll ever watch but its soundtrack is truly a masterpiece, it turns Skrillex into high art. This movie is more recent and features 2000 Britney Spears classics you can't stop singing.



If you are into hip-hop music you will love this movie and especially its soundtrack. It may not feature familiar names, in the way that so many other hip-hop soundtracks on this list built their legacies, but it's so unique you won't stop listening to it.

The perks of being a wallflower


We accept the love we think we deserve. This personal and beautiful coming-of-age movie has a soundtrack that will make anyone fall in love with Emma Watson or Logan Lerman. Cracker, New Order, and the Rocky Horror picture show are everything we needed.

The rules of attraction


The Rules of Attraction is one of the most underrated adaptations of Bret Easton Ellis books. The soundtrack reflects a very particular kind of college experience with The Cure, Harry Nilsson and Love and Rockets.



The soundtrack of this David Fincher thriller makes it even better than other suspense films. Three Dog Night's melancholy cover of "Easy to Be Hard" adds a peaceful juxtaposition to a haunting opening scene.



Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Ray Parker JR created one of the best themes of all time. The rest of the soundtrack is as good as this song and you can't stop singing and dancing to these hits!

Garden State


Zach Braff and Natalie Portman were all we needed? Yes, but also an incredible soundtrack to join their adventures in Garden State. Iron and wine and Simon and Garfunkel are the best choices for this film.

Reservoir Dogs


Quentin Tarantino is another soundtrack god. He selected old 70s songs for a 90s crime film. "Little Green Bag" and "Stuck in the middle with you" are just a few hits you can find in this great soundtrack.

Empire Records


This cult film set in a record store fighting for its independence relies on its soundtrack to create its credibility. If the songs on the record weren't sufficiently cool, the production team would look like a whole bunch of Rex Mannings trying to horn in on the teen market.

Forrest Gump


Life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you're gonna get. This Tom Hanks classic has one of the best soundtracks we've ever heard and it works perfectly as a narrative tool.

The Royal Tenenbaums


Wes Anderson movies look stunning but also will make you fall in love with their soundtracks. Some 60s hits are featured in this movie and "These Days" and "The fairest of the seasons" are the star of the soundtrack.

24-hour party people


Yes, this film about an influential indie label has to have an awesome soundtrack but the special thing is how it accompanies every scene in a great wat. Rock, Pop, and Punk are the genres that shine on this soundtrack.



Michael Mann's films are usually scored by incredibly diverse artists, ranging from composers to producers to bands.This one features Elliot Goldenthal, Kronos Quartet, Brian Eno, Lisa Gerrard, and Moby.

He got game


Another high school basketball-themed movie. Director Spike Lee bring this movie alive with its soundtrack, "For what it's worth" will be stuck in your head for days after watching this film.

Wayne’s World


What's better than Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar combined? The both of them acting together with a great soundtrack in the background. Bohemian Rhapsody is such a classic that any movie with that song is surely awesome.

The Virgin Suicides


Sofia Coppola proved she was not just any director but also a soundtrack genie. Her 1999 adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides' best-selling novel, The Virgin Suicides, was filled with 70s classics you can't miss.



The soundtrack to Juice will make you feel that you are in this action-drama story. It features chart-topping singles from Naughty by Nature, Teddy Riley & Tammy Lucas, and Aaron Hall, Salt-n-Pepa, EPMD, and Cypress Hill.



This classic 80s movie has everything we needed for a slumber party. Clueless' soundtrack features a variety of artists: Beastie Boys, Coolio, Radiohead, World Part, Supergrass, The Muffs and Velocity Girl.

Fast times at Ridgemont High


It seems like every high school movie has a great soundtrack. This one is no exception as this soundtrack has everything: Tom Petty, the Go-Go's, The Cars, and Led Zeppelin.

Risky business


This film is full of recognizable moments. For example, Joel dancing in his underwear to Bob Seger for something a lit bit riskier. This movie knows how to use a soundtrack and creating epic scenes.



Martin Scorsese masterpiece is what it is, in some way, because if its soundtrack. Marty and co-writer Nicholas Pileggi wrote a number of the songs into his screenplay, even shooting certain scenes with the respective song playing on-set.

Stand by me

This Stephen King long short story adaptation may be the mother of the coming-of-age films. The movie is about four friends and their friendship. The songs the boys hear on the radio and sing together are central to the story.



Na na na na na na na na na na, Batman! Prince helped Batman come to life easing the transition from print to film and giving the color and depth within Tim Burton's dark world.

The big Lebowski


This Coen brothers' movie is a comedy classic which set the bat for other films. Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me", Townes Van Zandt "Dead Flowers", and The Gipsy Kings' take on "Hotel California" will put you in the mood for the dude.

Lost in translation


Another Sofia Coppola great indie and alternative movie with an awesome soundtrack that gives it the final touch. Listening to My Bloody Valentine, anybody can get lost in Tokyo, honestly.

Dirty Dancing


You'll have the time of your life listening to Dirty Dancing soundtrack and just watching the film. Dirty Dancing has modern music and classic songs that mixed together so well it will make you wanna dirty dance.

Good Will hunting


This soundtrack will make you weep like a baby. "Chock full of tearful jams" by Elliott Smith, "Angeles", "No Name #3", "Say Yes", and "Between the Bars" are the songs that made this movie Oscar worthy.