Funny Soldiers

Being a soldier is one of the oldest and most respected professions in the world. Armies exist from before ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. In Greece, they started as children and in Rome at age 17. From very young they risk their lives for our safety, but that does not mean they can have fun. Most of the photos taken by the armies are unfriendly and show that it is a very hard and difficult job. However, we will show you 50 funny pictures. And if you were a soldier, would not you try to have a good time?


Iron in times of war


Some believe that clothes are only ironed at home. Others think that it is only necessary to iron clothes to go to the office. These soldiers think that any place is good to have neat clothes.

Fly and read?


Everyone likes to fly, read or look at the sky. Can you imagine doing these three things at once? This war pilot has no problem doing it!

Fight and laugh


In war, there are camouflages of all kinds: for the desert or the jungle. Even ... even clown! This soldier does not mind hiding well. His tactic is different, he prefers to shoot with laughter.

To work in a carousel


There are different ways of going to work. Some go by bus, others in cars, boats or trains. These soldiers believe that the best and funniest thing is to go in the small.

I like to sleep


Who does not like to sleep and rest for the next day? Some places are not very comfortable to spend the night, however, this soldier had a lot of ingenuity to relax.

I prefer a bicycle to tanks


In war, you do not only travel in tanks, vans, ships or planes. Some soldiers prefer to travel as when they were children and choose bicycles. Besides this way, they help the environment!

Would you like to be a missile?


Everyone dreams of being able to fly like Superman, but nobody would like to crash in the attempt. However, there are some strong and courageous men who are willing to try it!

You are a donkey!


Many people believe that donkeys only serve to carry people, but these animals are not as stupid as they say. But look at this donkey how smart he is.

Are you going to rescue me?


There are different methods to rescue a person. Some use tear gas grenades others prefer silence. This team of soldiers worked for years in a very peculiar way of saving people.

My best Friend


Everyone knows that the dog is man's best friend. Can you imagine having your pet's coworker? Many people dream of this possibility. This sniper chooses his dog as a companion.

Stop the war


It is always very difficult to stop a war. This soldier thought of many ways to avoid shooting. The conclusion that came is that the best way to avoid bombs is to get inside the canyon.

The paratroopers are tasty


Parachute jumping from a helicopter is a very dangerous task. Many do not have the courage to do it. They never thought it could be a soldier's lunch. Next time they will be more careful when jumping.

We fly together?


Many fear strong winds. They think it is dangerous and they run to take refuge in a safe place. Others are encouraged to face danger and end up having fun. This soldier learned to fly thanks to the wind!

Wanna run a sky race?

When you talk about sky racing, talk about racing in the snow. These soldiers were so eager to compete that they decided to do the same. Would you dare to run without skies? It can be very fun.

Small plane or motorbike?


Some countries do not have much money for their armies. That is why they have to look for an ingenious way to have a fleet of warplanes. Some prefer to believe that motorcycles can fly.

Shall we dance?


Soldiers receive many hours of training per day. They are always running, shooting or in the gym. There are some who think that dancing is fun too. Do you also dance in the army?

Will you marry me?


Not everything is hatred and violence in armies and in war. Some soldiers think a lot about their girlfriends. What this girl imagined least when she visited her boyfriend was that she would get a marriage proposal.

I love boxing


Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Soldiers spend much of their time preparing to fight with the enemy and some also prepare to fight with friends.

Tea party


Drinking tea is an English tradition. No matter where they are in the world, English people love tea. One always imagines two people drinking tea with a green meadow in the background. Others take tea during the war.

This year there will be no Christmas.


Intelligence agencies detected that maybe Santa Claus could be a terrorist. The striking thing is that they did not find it in the north pole with their elves. The army found him in the middle of the desert and very hot.



A good army needs to form good teams to work better. Some soldiers if they work together can be very dangerous, even without it on a bicycle and a small car.

I can not find the bathroom


Living a war is very difficult. You can not eat quietly or sleep peacefully. Very rarely you can take a hot shower or rest on the couch. This soldier could not find a bathroom.

Enjoy the music


The sound of war can be frightening. Bombs everywhere, however, this soldier preferred to play his own music. To achieve this he decided to take a piano to the battlefield.

Vacations at work


Who would not like to leave work and go to the beach? These soldiers decided to do it, the only problem is that they did not have their bathing suits or their sunscreen.

Congratulations on the medal


These Asian generals participated in many wars. They started their work from a very young age. Because they were away from their homes for so long, they adopted some strange customs. For them, the most important thing is to fight, give speeches and give medals.

Care is a trap!


The army of the United States was working for twenty years on a weapon of mass destruction. This secret image shows the latest in military technology. Some think that with a beer you can win a fight.

Secret of the Second World War


This image is one of the biggest secrets of the Second World War. No one knows who took the photo or where it was made. This document is the only one that shows the existence of the snowman.

Not everything is work


The work in the army is very difficult. The soldiers are busy 24 hours. They always have tasks to do. When they do not work they have to train. Sometimes they find a space for fun. These soldiers really wanted to play bowling.

Camouflage to sleep


This soldier loves to sleep. To rest in his house decided to camouflage armchair. This way nobody can find it. They will not find their enemies, nor their boss, their wife or their children.

Would you give me your driver's license?


This soldier was asked if he knew how to drive and said yes. What he never said is that he only knew how to drive is bicycles. When he drove the tank for the first time, everyone realized he was inexperienced

Sniper dog


Snipers are a very important part of the armies. It is necessary to be very precise with the shots and a great vision. This dog applied for the position and got it!

Who is the monkey?


Some soldiers love camouflage. They like to camouflage so much that they change their personality and forget who they are. But look at this soldier who confused a monkey with his brother.

I'm ready


The soldiers must always be prepared to fight. They must have their weapons clean and ready at any time. When this soldier was told he had to leave for a mission he went crazy. They told him to carry only one gun but he decided to take them all!

The bubbles are fun


Who does not like bubbles? They are fun and funny. This soldier had to take care if put, instead he saw children playing with bubbles and could not resist. They ended up calling it "the lord of the bubbles".

Excuse me, sir, could you help me with the map?


Many years ago, when there were no cell phones, people had to consult paper maps. These soldiers were lost in Europe, but they never thought that a bear could guide them.

Nothing better than a good rest


The air force works all day. Pilots have to be close to their aircraft for any emergency. It is a very stressful job. However, these pilots found a way to have fun and relax.

Team training


Team training is very important. Push-ups are essential if you want to stay strong. This group of soldiers agreed to work in a team with the push-ups in a very particular way and achieved very good results.

I like ballet


The armed forces have very clear rules. There are many things that can not be done. There are no excuses when forming the troop. This captain did not care about the rules, he just wanted to show that he could dance ballet.

The human sled


The winter sports are incredible. We can find sled races or sky races. These Russian soldiers decided to combine the sky and the sled. As a result, they achieved a very funny race.

We are wizards


Quidditch is the most popular sport in the world of Harry Potter. These soldiers decided to do something different to spend their afternoon. They had no better idea than to play at being magicians and traveling on brooms. Can they really fly?

Do you prefer music or sports?


Many people like to train listening to music. In the great football finals, bands play music. These soldiers did something incredible: they played music while playing soccer. The result is a new sport, very difficult to practice.

The invisible plane


This image is a military secret since it is the first invisible plane. At least that's what the area force driver said when he came to work after spending several hours drinking beer in a bar.

A particular tactic


In war any tactic is valid. Everyone tries to be smarter than you are enemies and do all kinds of cheating. This group of soldiers thought it would be easier to invite the Iraqis to take a picture.

Fly with style


Being an air force pilot is a job that many women dream of. Some women are criticized because when they become soldiers they are not very feminine. This airplane pilot is not one of their cases. Never forget your wallet before flying.

That is your ass?


This pilot sought to distract and infuriate enemy aircraft. He thought it would be a very smart strategy. What I did not know is that it is a practice flight and the person who took the picture was their boss.

Get out of bed


Emergencies do not have schedules. Read speeches either. This marine fell asleep the day he had to give a speech. He put on his clothes quickly and thought that no one would suspect him. The problem is that he never took off his slippers.

Beware of the daffy duck!


Many soldiers like cartoons. This fearsome sniper thought it would be a good idea to decorate his rifle. His desire was to seem more dangerous. The problem is that he chose his characters wrong.

That is a great bow and arrow


One of the problems soldiers have in combat is to run out of bullets. Many men go into despair when they run out of ammunition. This soldier decided to transform his rifle into a bow and arrow, the problem is that he could not shoot very far.

Can you help me read?


Some clues are very difficult to understand and if not look at this soldier. As he could not read the paper properly, he asked his dog for help. The problem is that the dog could read but could not speak.

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